Taking a Full Step – Full Stride Into What Life Has to Offer

Taking a Full Step – Full Stride Into What Life Has to Offer

Taking a Full Step

Little Keys Can Change Your Outcomes

Key takeaways:

  1. A change is mindset can create major shifts in outcomes
  2. Little keys unlock big doors of opportunity
  3. War is hell but prevention is better than cure.
  4. Chronic constipation and root causes
  5. Physiology changes perspective
  6. Smell the Jasmine
  7. Keep up immunity regimens
  8. Overstock sale on Heart Power Multi
  9. How we help


Mind State or the state of your mind and emotions has a lot to do with the results and outcomes you achieve. 

Sometimes we get lucky and we get a glorious outcome by luck or by accident, like winning the lottery for example. But mostly, our results are what we achieve by what we earn. The farmer sows a little seed and gets a 10,000% increase in the stocks of corn or bushels of wheat. It’s truly amazing what can be achieved in agriculture if the soil is rich and there is ample water available.

Rich soil of course doesn’t happen without a lot of little keys. You need shade from excessive sun, you need organic matter in the soil, you need a network of fungi that feeds the plants in exchange for sugars. You need earthworms to eat the dirt and enrich the soil with mineral rich deposits. Then and only then, water and carbon will produce edibles that you can order on your Uber Eats App. 

Unlocking Doors with Little Keys

In the wellness community, we seek to unlock doors with little keys. Imagine if you accidentally lose your keys, you cannot drive your car, you cannot get inside your own home. You are locked out. If you get carjacked, you are forced to give your keys to a criminal and you are deprived of your transportation. Your house key was on the same chain so you’ll have to find a way home and then hope there is a window left open that you gain access to the warmth and comfort of home. (Little Tip: Or maybe you gave your neighbor a spare key!)

So just imagine how powerful it is to have keys to the outcomes that you wish for yourself, even the health outcomes.


What is the eternal wish that we all share? We all want health and happiness with few exceptions. There are a small percentage of people who derive pleasure from the pain of others. These power players gravitate to places of influence and in such cases can inflict pain on others ruthlessly. We look at the war in Ukraine and we cannot fathom the depravity and there is a megaphone of media surrounding this event that makes it very real for all of us on the planet.

The same depravity has happened a multitude of times in history but there wasn’t much news or smart phones to document the atrocities. We can thank Elon Musk for keeping the internet open in Ukraine while other means of communication were taken out early in the conflict. Thanks for your SkyLink donation! 

Right now inside of our own bodies, war is raging. There is a struggle between life and death. It’s on the cellular and microbial level. It’s your immune system and it’s your nervous system that carries information from brain to body and from body to brain.

Sometimes the chemicals from the pharmaceutical industry can help alleviate some of the damage and suffering, but many times the chemicals artificially added can cause negative effects. Just listen closely to TV commercials advertising a drug and the inherent risks. Antidepressants can cause suicidal tendencies. Heart medications may cause fatal reactions.

Above all you are advised to tell your doctor if you are allergic to any ingredients in said medication. What? How could you know except you broke out in hives after the first dose. And a simple question, how do you get in touch with your doctor? Not so easy to connect. Leave a message with the answering service and hope for the best? Or then there is the emergency room, a place no one wants to go ever unless as a measure of last resort.

If you have an accident and break a bone, you need a doctor. 

If you get an infection from the environment you will need a doctor. 

If you get so sick you can’t get out of bed, you certainly may need a doctor to help discern what is the root cause. Unfortunately, most doctors will look at your symptoms and make a quick guess at what might be the cause and give you a prescription, then hope for the best for you.

In fact doctors are counting on your resilience, your body to do its job of helping you to get better. Yet, almost all symptoms can be caused by a multitude of varying possibilities. Take something as simple as chronic constipation. There are at least 15 possibilities. 

Root Causes of Constipation;  

  1. Insufficient Magnesium 
  2. Excessive Vitamin D intake – too much, too fast 
  3. Excessive Calcium intake 
  4. Insulin Resistance and Hyperglycemia (Autonomic neuropathy) 
  5. Hypothyroid state (low Free T3; poor T4 to T3 conversion) 
  6. Adrenal dysfunction (high cortisol; high Reverse T3 – OR – low cortisol) 
  7. Insufficient Serotonin synthesis/action (innate or medication-driven) 
  8. SIBO (typically Methane-mediated) 
  9. Dysbiosis (especially low Bifidobacteria) 
  10. Food sensitivity (especially dairy)* 
  11. Sympathetic dominance (high stress)
    12. Excessive progesterone 
  12. Insufficient water or fiber (soluble or insoluble) 
  13. Insufficient dietary Fat 
  14. Medications  

Yet, there is still another possibility: I am trying to tread lightly on a subject that is nearly taboo. 

Maybe no one ever taught how to poop properly. There is a physiology to eliminate excrement.  And I am loath to say, I was never taught this and didn’t find out until I read an article on the subject in my mid-sixties! But it works amazingly!

Poop Like a Samurai

The ancient traditions can teach us a lot. There is a book that mentions how to poop like a Samurai. “Autumn Lightning: The Education of an American Samurai,” author David Lowry. Samurais must be able and willing to fight and defend life in all circumstances. Even if you are occupied in the “throne room” , yes, what Americans call the bathroom, Europeans call the WC (Water closet). 

If you release your right leg from your pants and cross it over your left knee keeping the left foot firmly planted and then sit up straight, don’t lean forward and strain,  you will unblock the last folds of your colon.

You can call it a yogic flush if you like, but it works. If you assume this posture, there is no need to strain. Just have a little patience and maybe a bit of gratitude for the plumbing in your body that works so well. (Refer to the article: https://www.simplemost.com/how-why-poop-like-samurai/)


Life is not always so simple. But if you have an attitude, a mind state, that gets resourceful when there is a problem, if you can see the seed of opportunity in every problem, it can “be like the fragrance of jasmine on a Spring breeze.” Or, adopting a different attitude, life can “be like a thorn in your side that hurts no matter if you lie, sit or stand.”

Ben Franklin invented the lightning rod while observing horrible thunderstorms. In the 1700s, the tallest buildings were churches and they inevitably were the most likely to be burnt to the ground due to lightning strikes. Ben looked at the problem and having captured lightning in a bottle figured he could reroute the electricity from lightning into the ground harmlessly, thereby saving hundreds if not thousands of lives. 


Smelling the jasmine gives us the opportunity to find solutions. Focusing only on the pain of life gives a false sense that there is no hope. To cross the gap and bridge the chasm, bold leaps work much better than timid steps. 


An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure. 

An Ounce of Prevention Is Still Worth a Pound of Cure, Especially in the Time of COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has only further emphasized the importance of chronic disease prevention and care — especially because many chronic conditions increase the severity of COVID-19 outcomes. 

In addition to external safeguards, it’s important to remember that what goes on inside the body is our responsibility. So boosting immunity by eating well, eating fresh, keeping up with exercise and responsibly filling the gaps in nutrition with supplements is not something that we could do but should do. With another variant on the loose, it’s still of the utmost importance to get regular vitamin D3 in supplemental form. 


Key takeaways:

  1. A change is mindset can create major shifts in outcomes
  2. Little keys unlock big doors of opportunity
  3. War is hell but prevention is better than cure.
  4. Chronic constipation and root causes
  5. Physiology changes perspective
  6. Smell the Jasmine
  7. Keep up immunity regimens
  8. Overstock sale on Heart Power Multi
  9. How we help


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