Logging Into Your NEW Account

Logging Into Your NEW Account

We hope this email finds you in good health and high spirits! Here are a few screen shots to guide you through logging into your account with us at OptimalHealthBridge.com

1) Look for the profile icon and click it.

2) Look for the profile icon and click it.

3) You will be presented with a login screen. The good news is you probably only have to enter your email address and the system will find you based on the email you used with us previously for your orders. If the system can't find you or you have a new email address, you can order and check out as a guest or create and account.

4) Most of you will be in the system and you will be presented with a verification screen where you can receive it on your phone or conversely with your email address.

5) Using the verification system means you will not need a password to login to your account. You will see your order history and you can access your autoship information.

6) On the subscription page you can verify or edit your information. You can pause, reactivate or cancel any subscription.

I hope this helps you to navigate the new site. As always you can contact me or Marci via (877) 572-3444 or email us at service@ohb3.com



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