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True Omega-3: Effective supplements that make a difference

True Omega-3


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Optimal Health Bridge is owned by Garey J. Simmons, a certified health coach trained in integrative nutrition. Garey can be reach by telephone at 877-572-3444 or by writing via email. Allied Business Management LLC owns

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5 Star Reviews

Latest labs indicate I have dropped cholesterol from 222 to 172 since April.  Still taking 8 Omega 3 and 3 Garlic each day.  Plus is I have NO joint pain.  Was 78 on 3 June.  If you need a testimonial for Omega 3 do not hesitate to ask.  IT WORKS.”

Trapper / John
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I was on the phone with a customer who was ordering six more bottles of True Omega-3. I mentioned that I thought its one of the best prevention methods for staving off heart attack. He said, “I already had my heart attack and I thought this didn’t work even though I was taking Omega-3.” But you are ordering six bottles? “Yes, because my doctor said the only reason I survived the heart attack was because I was taking Omega-3. You see, my blood was thin enough to get to my heart even though I had a huge blockage.” And that’s true. Omega-3 is an excellent preventative supplement AND post cardiac arrest supplement. Omega-3 helps make it less likely of a 2nd cardiac event. 

John / Berkoff
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