Unplug from your Devices and Plug into Nature: A Visit to the Rocky Mountains – True Story

Unplug from your Devices and Plug into Nature: A Visit to the Rocky Mountains – True Story

In our fast-paced, stressed out digital age, where screens dominate our lives, it’s crucial to take a break and reconnect with nature. My recent journey to the breathtaking Rocky Mountains served as a reminder of the seductive beauty and tranquility that nature has to offer. Join me as I recount my experience of disconnecting from the digital world and immersing myself in the rugged splendor of the Rockies.

There is a reason! They are not called the Rocky Mountains for nothing!

In a world consumed by screens and endless notifications, the allure of the natural world often takes a back seat to the cheap thrills of quick dopamine hits from scrolling through inane acts of Tik Tok type of insanity. The Rocky Mountains stand as a timeless testament to the majesty of nature, and my recent expedition was a conscious effort to detach from my devices and immerse myself in their grandeur. The journey was not only about exploring craggy landscapes; but it was a journey within.

**Planning the Escape**

It’s good to plan, but it’s also hard to plan. In fact, it’s almost crazy. Bobby Burns said it best: The best laid plans of mice and men doth oft gang aglae. In fact, we were going to go elsewhere until we found really cheap tickets. The main axiom was “book the trip and get out of Dodge.” “Let’s see what happens.” Packing light was essential – a sturdy backpack, comfortable hiking boots, and a journal to document my thoughts formed the core of my essentials. Oh yeah, take your phone. You won’t be bothered by texts or emails because there is no signal, hurray, but you will be able to capture exquisite visual delights, real eye popping beauty. Most our adventures we discovered on the trail, hearing other from other hikers chatting about their experiences! Go with the flow! In other words, we didn’t have a clue.

**Into the Wilderness**

The first sight of the Rockies left me speechless – towering peaks, lush valleys, and a serenity that’s hard to capture in words. As I ventured onto less-traveled trails, I found myself loving life and genuinely at peace with my thoughts, surrounded by the symphony of nature’s colors and sounds. Each step was a revelation, each turn a new chapter. Life was abundant everywhere. Actually, truth be told, as we approached Rocky Mountain National Park, the very first rushing stream we encountered coming off the first mountain we pulled over to just listen to the sounds and be bathed in the beauty of the rushing waters surrounded by very high peaks and big rocks. Is that a prehistoric whales head?

Katrina says, “It’s cold!”

**Disconnecting in Paradise**

Turning off my devices was like shedding a heavy load. Without notifications and screens, my senses sharpened. I marveled at the details – the rustling leaves, the scent of pine, the roar of rushing streams flowing eastward. Besides, capturing moments with my camera, I captured them with my heart and my emotions as well. Remember, health is imbibe through our emotions as well as our food. This is food for the soul.

The embrace of the Rocky Mountains welcomed me, their rugged beauty a stark contrast to the simulated realities of building websites that had dominated my life. The air was crisp, infused with the invigorating aroma of pine and adventure. The glacier lakes, mirrors of tranquility, reflected the magnificence that surrounded me. As I ventured deeper into this natural sanctuary, I began to shed the layers of artificial dependency that had ensnared me. Imagine for yourself, a clear blue sky canopy with a bright sun shining on rugged mountain peaks, scintillating diamonds of light reflecting on the glacier emerald lake in front of me. Similar to the glacier lakes, calm and serene on the surface yet concealing depths of abundance, I too unraveled hidden layers of myself that had long remained concealed. There is a connection between nature and ourselves. All this brilliance and magnificence is in us too for we are a part of nature. It’s who we are if we care to look for it.

As I stood beside a glacier lake, this thought brush across my mind’s eye. I had come to meet the life force that fuels the natural world face to face. The glacier lake, a tranquil yet profound entity, became a mirror for my own journey towards a more wholesome existence. There is a vibration in the ether that is ignored by modern humankind when we separate ourselves from nature. 

It’s good to take breaks while hiking. Fortunately, nature provides free seating along the way.

And if you need a nap…

**Challenges and Triumphs**

Nature isn’t always gentle, but its challenges are opportunities for growth. Navigating steep terrains and braving sudden weather changes tested my physical and mental limits. With determination as my compass, I conquered each obstacle and emerged stronger. Of course, my daughters helped me along the way.

Mountain Lakes Make Us Happy!

**Lessons Learned**

The Rockies echoed the importance of slowing down. In a world that stresses and rushes us, nature teaches us to savor each step. Just as the mountains weather storms and stand tall, we too possess innate resilience. The mountains became a mirror reflecting our core strength. Literally.

Fun Things to Do

**What are some activities you enjoyed? **

Hiking, wading in glacier lakes (cold therapy!), swimming, horseback riding, zip lining, white water rafting, paddle boarding and kayaking. 

Horses are healers! They have expansive fields of energy like love, strength and devotion and these sure-footed animals helped us to traverse the mountains in style.

This is my favorite photo in front of Emerald Lake. The girls went for a swim later that day! Hope you can get a feel for the sheer majesty. No matter how well photographed it can never take the place of actually being there.

**Bringing the Experience Home**

Leaving the Rockies wasn’t the end; it was a new beginning. I carried the mountains in my heart, allowing their wisdom to guide my actions. Sharing my journey and encouraging others to unplug and reconnect now becomes my mission, spreading the message that nature is a balm for the soul. Just as we have learned that we are not just “human” but our bodies are an ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, various protoplasm that work together in perfect harmony. (Most of the time!) All of us are part of the bigger picture. It takes an acceptance of some facts. We are not the center of the universe. We need connection. We each other and the planet around us, the flora, the fauna, the rocks and hills, the birds and all creatures.

The journey to the Rocky Mountains was more than a mere adventure; it was a profound illumination. Disconnecting from devices and embracing nature isn’t just about rejuvenation; it’s about rediscovering a part of ourselves that often remains hidden. It’s about the connections we need to get the information and learn our place on this planet, indeed, in the cosmos. The mountains teach us to unplug, pause, and listen – not only to the world around us but to the whispers of our own hearts.

Learn to listen to the stillness

**So Let Me Ask You a Question: **

Is there a lake, a reservoir or a park nearby that you have neglected to visit in the past year? Have you stopped to smell the flowers and count the petals?

Is there a richness of health and energy that can be gleaned from a one hour walk in nature? Is there a trail nearby where the sun shines through the leaves and causes light to dance around you? Is there a musical arrangement or even a symphony awaiting to grab your attention in the hours around sunset? (I am talking about the abundance of insects, frogs, hoot owls among others making their own sweet music.) 

Health is more than food, supplements, sleep and exercise. What symphony are you listening to and what artistry appears on the your horizon? Take a look tonight just before sunset and see what you can see.

Really big rocks!

Taking a break from the constant stream of noise and distractions is not only refreshing but also essential for our well-being. Stepping away from the digital world and immersing ourselves in the serene embrace of nature allows us to cleanse our minds and find a sense of clarity that’s often elusive in our daily lives.

Imagine trading in the buzz of notifications for the gentle rustle of leaves in the breeze, or replacing the glare of screens with the a mountain range basking in golden sunlight. This kind of escape gives our minds the breathing space they need to reset and recharge.

In a world where we’re bombarded with information and always connected, the simple act of getting away from it all and experiencing the beauty of the natural world becomes a powerful antidote. It’s a chance to rediscover the joy of living in the present moment, to let go of worries and deadlines, and to be fully present in the embrace of nature.

So, whether it’s a hike through the mountains, a leisurely stroll in a forest, or a day spent by the ocean, taking that step to unplug and cleanse the mind can work wonders. It’s a reminder that there’s a whole world of beauty and tranquility out there waiting for us to experience. So go ahead, give your mind the gift of a digital detox, and embrace the refreshing sense of renewal that nature provides.

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