Your body MUST move: The Start Of Your Excercise for Health

You are probably wondering what I’m doing. I’m getting ready to make a video for you and I’ve got to get my energy up.

 I MUST get moving. The way I learned to do this is from Eleanor Roosevelt. That’s right.

We’re going to swing the kettlebell. Just a few little swings for a few seconds. We’re going to get all the muscles firing, from the head to the toes, with a few swings of a Russian kettlebell. Yes, indeed. All right, that’s enough.

Guess what we’re going to talk about today? 

You guessed it, we’re going to talk about exercise. My paradigm for health is real simple. There’s four parts, mind state, which is actually encompassing the entire gamut, the entire gamut of what health is about. It starts up here, mind state. Exercise, diet, that’s your nutrition, and sleep. Those are four areas. We’re going to add one more today. We’re going to add a fifth, even though it doesn’t fit with the acronym MEDS, mind state, exercise, diet and sleep. We’re going to add a T for timing. Timing is important and it’s critical. We’ll get to that in this series, but we’re going to talk about exercise right now.

Today, we’re going to talk about exercise. It’s not about punishing your body. In fact, it’s quite diametrically the opposite. We’re going to talk about celebrating your body. One of the great privileges in life is that we can move. This is a vehicle. This is a Tesla. This is a Ford Explorer. This is a Cadillac. This a Nissan Maxima. This is your vehicle for moving around this beautiful planet we call Earth. That movement can be defined as exercise.

 And guess what is demanding exercise from you?  What part of your body is absolutely demanding that you exercise? 

You could say muscles. You could say blood flow. You could say many different things, but I’ll tell you the true answer. The fundamental basic at the core level, it’s your DNA. Your DNA that is in the mitochondria and the nucleus of your every cell, that DNA is demanding that you move your body. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of reasons to move your body and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today.

In exercise, it’s not just about motivation to exercise. Motivation will last you a very short amount of time. Motivation will not last very long. Certainly it gets you started, but it’s going to take something else to keep you going down the road of a commitment to exercise and that is called discipline. That’s right, discipline. 

That inner desire to make a change and to create a new habit that’s going to be beneficial to your body, to your mind state, how you digest your food, the metabolic processes in your body and even it affects, your exercise affects how well you sleep.

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