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Topic of the Week: Elderberry & Immunity elderberry syrup

The double action of immune boosting elderberry: Standardize elderberry extract boosts the immune system in two ways, everyday maintenance and at-the-moment support. Oxidative stress, also known as “rusting away” is the wear and tear our bodies sustain from getting up out of bed and using our bodies to walk, work and exercise our way into vitality. There is always a push and a pull on every system in our bodies. We need gravity to hold us “down to earth” but we resist gravity to move our bodies to the next place we need to get to. Elderberries have an extremely high concentration of flavonoids called anthocyanins, which work within the immune system to enhance the body’s response and keep us vibrating at a proper rhythm. Use this as a powerful preventative to virus and bacterial infection. We have a small supply on hand, and best to stock up now before the autumn season begins. Take 15% off while supplies last. USE Coupon: ELDERBERRY15


I’ve mentioned my buddy Hippocrates, the Greek fellow to whom our doctors swear an oath, that they will do no harm, also said, “Let your food be your medicine.” Here’s something interesting, sure, we eat food a few times a day, not necessarily for sustenance or medication, but for fun, for relaxation, for socialization, etc. We drink or should drink more water than food. We breathe in more oxygen, more regularly than we eat or drink. Said another way, we can survive for a few weeks without food. We can survive a few days without water. We can survive a few minutes without breathing. So what’s more important? Breathing right? Is there anything else that is life sustaining or life denying? How about out thoughts? On average, each of us think about 60,000 thoughts a day. No wonder we are tired at the end of the day! Granted most of those thoughts are highly repetitious. Listen to politicians. They repeat the same things over and over again! Do they think we didn’t hear them the first dozen times? Ha… I know I am poking fun. But my point is, just like we are judicial and cautious about eating healthy food, drinking enough clean water, breathing clean air, we need to be aware that our thoughts are part of our health dynamic. What am I really talking about? Stress. Most of our thoughts are targeted on the past or future events. Past mistakes, past regrets, things we carry with us for a long time, well past their usefulness and the expiry date has long past. Hanging on to such thoughts can be detrimental to health. Worrying about future events, being anxious about what might happen…. equally debilitating. All of this type of stress is due to “perception.” In other words, it’s mostly made up! Mark Twain said, “…most of the things I worry about never happen.” So what is the antidote? Is there a cure? 

Of course there is! Gratitude is nourishing, expressing thanks for the goodness or benefits you have accrued. We can call it a stress coping exercise to journal your gratitude. We are creatures of habit and it’s a good idea to break the bad habits of complaining and being grumpy with expressing thanks for a job well done. (even and maybe especially being kind to yourself.) So before bed tonight and first thing upon awakening tomorrow, recount to yourself or your partner, what good things you see in the world. Since it’s summertime, I like taking my morning coffee outside where the leaves in the tops of the trees sway and vibrate in the gentle breeze. This doesn’t mean to ignore hurricanes or a negative diagnosis. Life is not always a picnic. When turmoil comes, we have an opportunity too. We can bind together with family, friends and neighbors and support one another through tough times. It’s who we are and what we do. It’s a part of a very long and incredible story of humanity. Are the best stories, the ones that have a good things that happen, then some bad stuff, then a victory at the end? 

The Incredible Vagus Nerve

If you feel like life is tough, I agree with you. It’s damn stressful even on the best of days. We are overstimulated. I am probably singing to the choir, but growing up we had 3 network channels and one independent local channel on TV. Now we have hundreds of options and sooo much to choose from. We are pitted against all kinds of artificial deadlines. Hutu, Disney, Netflix, Roku, are all vying for our streaming dollars. In other words, we are in fight or flight or hide, most of the day, every day. Until we crash and end up sick in bed. In healthier times, we may have used adrenaline 30% of the time and were able to relax 70% of the time. Doesn’t it seem like we are pushing the stress factor most of the day these days? When you are stressed, you can’t eat. You might try to but the digestive system is on lock down. If your life is in danger you have to flee or fight for your survival, no use trying to digest, you can do that later. Thankfully, with a little practice, it is possible to mentally create a more peaceful environment for yourself. When you eat, make sure you hit the pause button. Take a time out. Allow yourself time and space to enjoy the food you are eating. What do they do in Southern Europe, they take a siesta after lunch. I know we are workaholics, but give yourself a break, establish true north priorities and take time for yourself, your kids and your grand kids, while you can. There is one very long, branchy nerve that begins inside your head and lopes its way along the chest into the digestive system. It’s the Vagus nerve, it’s kind of a master switch to call up cortisol and more stress or send out chemical signals to relax. It’s really a choice. Flight or flight, or rest and digest. Life is made up of both. Just don’t get the wires crossed.

Optimal Health Bridge – What is in a Name?

Someone asked me recently why I named the website such… Well the goal is health. What kind of health? The best we can have. Are there obstacles and setbacks? Of course. A bridge is a device by which we can take a shortcut over a deep valley. You’ve seen the movie where the army is marching through the Himalayan mountains and there is a huge gorge to the right and a sheer cliff on the left. Then you come round the bend and it’s a long jump to get to the next ledge. Looks hopeless. Until one creative genius throws his rope across the chasm to the other side and snags a crevice. Slowly they carefully secure the rope,  add some material and after the commercial break, the bridge is nearly complete and the troops can moves safely across en route to their destination. We are on a mission toward optimal health and our supplements and lifestyle suggestions are those little planks in the bridge to get you safely across those nasty risk factors. Elderberry like magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin D and Omega-3 are needed and essential to help us achieve our goals.

Be well and enjoy nature this weekend. 




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