Why Continuity Programs Work and How They Benefit You

Your electricity bill comes every month. You make sure your car payment is paid on time. Same goes for your cell phone and your cable TV/ Internet provider. You’ve signed up for a continuity program with these companies. The amount of the bill is debited from your checking account automatically.

Is it any different with your needed health supplements?  Some would say yes, it’s different. Others may say it’s a very necessary expense and worth having it automated so they don’t run out.

I’ve been taking a high potency fish oil over 10 years. I also take EpiCor everyday for the last ten years. Now for the last 3 years I’ve been taking Berberine for my high triglycerides. Berberine also fluffs up my cholesterol particles and makes them less sticky or dense so they don’t lodge into the artery walls. It’s not a short term thing, that I can do without. My goal is not to have perfect cholesterol, my goal is to live a long life and play games with my grandkids. Perhaps, I’ll live in good health long enough to see my great grandkids. Savannah is 4 years old. So I have about 18 – 25 years to wait. Hmmm… At 83, twenty years from now, I’d like to take a picture with my great grand baby. My mother is 83 and she has 3 grandkids to dote on.

Now, I said I’ve been taking Epicor to protect my immune system for 10 years and that is true. Did I ever run out and forget to order them? Yes, I did. For the first few years of starting my business, I ran the fulfillment and shipping. I had shelves and a warehouse and a daily pick up scheduled with carrier services. If I personally ran out, it was as easy as reaching up to the shelf and taking a bottle. Hey I owned $10,000 worth of supplements as any given time. What a great position to be in!

A few years ago, I contracted with one of my vendors to do the fulfillment for me. They are located in Georgia. It’s a long drive to get there from Maryland. So I can no longer reach over and grab what I need. I have to order product just like you do. So to answer the question, yes about two years ago, I ran out of Epicor and didn’t reorder it right away. Days turned into weeks. I am a little ashamed to say, weeks turned into months. I found myself in England for ten days and on the flight home, I started feeling weird. Cough, sore throat and eventually after a week of battling, I went to see the doctor and they confirmed that I had strep throat. I can’t be 100% sure that I wouldn’t have gotten sick had I stuck to my regimen, but I had never gotten sick before or after this event. I’ve heard this same scenario from many of my customers.  So I am religious and consider it my sacred duty to stay healthy. Therefore I have several autoships set up for my personal benefit.

Is it worth it to me to make sure I don’t run out of these items? You bet! It’s annoying as “heck” to have your electricity bill go unpaid and one day you wake up with the lights cut off. Or maybe one evening you try to turn on the TV to relax and Comcast is telling you, you forgot to pay your bill. I have automatically connected  BillPay to a checking account to ensure that these essential services get paid on time. I am sure you have the same or something similar in place to make sure you can retain those services. If left up to me, I’d be late or missing payments all the time. But getting sick, feeling terrible and missing out on work time and not able to enjoy rest time, it’s worth it to keep up with a regimen you know works.

These auto cycle programs are called “voluntary continuity programs.”

Some dietary supplement companies are clever and tricky, offering you a $1 trial to test a product or offer for you to just pay shipping, then 14 days later smack you with an $89 charge that covers that original shipment. Their business model relies on the fact you are busy and you won’t read your credit card statement, notice the charge, until the 2nd bottle arrives a month later with an accompanying charge. By month 3, you are sick of the company and it takes an hour or more to try to undo the charges, by phone or email, if it’s at all even possible. More than likely, you will have to dispute the charge with your credit card company. Sometimes, you get so mad, you call the Attorney General’s office.

Those programs are called “Forced Continuity.” It’s practiced by many companies in the dietary supplement industry.

However, at Optimal Health Bridge, we don’t do that. Not at all.

We want you to sign up for our autoship or Advantage Shipping and here’s what you get:

A product you selected that you need in your ongoing health regimen, like True Omega-3 or Ubiquinol, Epicor or Berberine. Instead of paying full price or waiting or looking for coupons, you can get the lowest price with our Autoship Advantage Price plus we cover the shipping charge of $5.99.

We need as many continuity customers as we can get. I am honest about that. For us to stay in business we have to produce and stock about $10,000 worth of product all the time. If we have X number of products going out by autoship, it enables us to plan production better. The larger our production the cheaper we can get the product produced. This is another benefit for you as a customer, better pricing.

For example, True Omega-3 240 capsules has been $42 for several years. Generally there is a 10% discount available and a shipping charge of  $5.95. So we take off $4.20 and then add $5.95.  However, if you were to order that same bottle on autoship, it’s $35 and free shipping for you. We pay the shipping. You can get that delivered every 30 days or every 40 days or any other cycle. The 40 day schedule is to be used if you take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 in the evening. If there are two people in the household taking True OMega-3 then your reconfigure and we can help you devise the right schedule.

We are also very happy to ship every three or four months. Monthly autoships can run up the overhead. There is always a handling charge, box charge and carrier charge. If we send you 3 bottles of Epicor every 3 months, then you get a lower price, free shipping, and you stay healthy.

Recently, I had knee surgery and was asked not to take any supplements for 7 days prior to surgery, and 7 days after surgery, so this threw off my schedule for two weeks. Easily remedied with a login to the back office. If you don’t have time, just send an email to service@ohb3.com and Marci or I will adjust the schedule for you. Mornings you can generally get one of us on the phone if needed on our toll free number 877-572-3444. If it goes to voice mail, leave your name and number and a short description of your issue and we’ll call you back asap.

Almost all of our products are available on autoship some with small savings, some with much larger $$ savings. It depends on the source and manufacturer, but why pay $42 for something you can get for $35?

I hope I made a good case for relying on autoship. We are honest and don’t try to sell you products you don’t need. We will adjust the timing and cycling and we always sent out an email 10 days before your products ships. If you have concerns, just call 877-572-3444for expert help and guidance.


Garey Simmons

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