What Supplements Should I Take?

Garey Simmons, Head Coach at Optimal Health Bridge
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The supplement regimen needed depends on the body requirements. If the goal is just general wellbeing, then what you are looking for is vitamins and minerals that are missing in the diet. These minerals may have been in the soil some decades ago, but are missing in action,(MIA) due to wholesale soil degradation. It goes without saying that food is the best medicine. However, the challenge of our times is that processed food, also called junk food or “food-like substances,” do not have the “aliveness” of truly fresh and vitalizing food. Add to that,  many chemicals, herbicides and pesticides are used in “BIG AG” food production. These are “antibiotics” used to kill pests, bacteria and really all organic life except for the hybridized seed of monoculture crops. Unfortunately, this becomes a work against nature and we become victim of the downstream effects,  we are deprived of the organisms we need to properly digest food and derive nutrition.  So to meet the needs of your body you may need to improve and clean up the diet and use supplements to help reach homeostasis. The sources of wellbeing and vitality, also called “life,” come to us from sunshine we imbibe, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. 

Most people need Omega-3 fats by means of supplementation. (True Omega-3), although eating omega-3 rich small fish is the ideal. However, fish can be contaminated with heavy metals. The oceans are polluted, sorry to say! With heart disease as the #1 cause of morbidity, it’s a smart thing to ensure sufficient minerals, vitamins and fats that are cardio protective.  (Heart Power Multi) and (Ubiquinol Co Enzyme Q 10) 

Most people need immune support with ongoing respiratory viruses and other illnesses. (EpiCor, a high metabolite immunogen)  and/or TruImmune, a formula designed to strengthen the immune system. A Plant-based multivitamin fills in a lot of the vitamin and mineral deficiencies. (True Vitality) For the last several years, we’ve made Vitamin D3 available at cost in order to ensure folks are sufficient in this important hormonal vitamin. 

How to Know What You Need?

If you are “mind and body” conscious, in tune with your intrinsic needs, your intuition is a good place to start. If you get the “feeling” especially a gut feeling that something is missing, your body will inform you and you’ll start seeing the need for certain supplements. You are knowingness. You are health. You are a phenomenon. You are a miracle. Your 70 trillion cells are intelligent and communicate, broadcast really. The question is, “Are you listening?” 

Of course, you can always book an appointment to get an assessment of needs with me, a precision nutrition coach. Remember, this is not a “medical practice.” This is a measure of intrinsic health based on an assessment of where you are and where you want to go. Every person is unique. 

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Call 877-572-3444 to book an appointment. Marci has access to my schedule. We’d love to help you get on a good regimen for your personal needs. Prior to booking a free consultation, please fill out this form as it will save us time in the initial meeting. There is absolutely no charge for this.




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