What Does a Blood Lipid Profile Really Say About Your Health?

It’s going to happen. I guarantee you! At some point in your life, whether in your 40’s or 50’s, sometimes even in your 30’s, you’re going to go see your doctor and they’re going to want to do a blood lipid profile.



This is a blood test that’s supposed to give an indication of the health of your cardiovascular system. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misunderstanding and there’s a lot of misinformation. Doctors, because they’re good people but also in a hurry sometimes, are only going to tell you what you need to do. “Okay, your cholesterol is X. You need to go on this prescription. It’s going to be 40 milligrams and you’re going to take it twice a day.” Most people just go, “Okay, doc.” then suddenly they start having further complications from the medication.


These medications start affecting the liver, which affects the muscles because the medication is shutting down the production of cholesterol. That is a natural substance in your body that comes from your liver.  In fact, cholesterol does help you. In the next video, I’m going to explain to you how cholesterol keeps you alive.

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