A Safe Way of Giving Nutrition to Your Body

I’m reading from a book. This is The Omega-3 Connection, so I’m going to just fire it up for this one last sentence that I wanted to share with you. The section’s called “Why Not Just Eat More Fish?”

This is a good question. The omega-3 renewal plan includes high-quality omega-3 supplements if necessary, along with a moderate intake of fish and specific plants as sources of omega-3 fatty acids. It would be very difficult and possibly dangerous to try to get high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids from just eating fish. It would take somewhere between six and 32 typical cans of tuna per day to achieve the omega-3 dosage we used in our bipolar study. 

Different tuna species have differing amounts of omega-3s in their bodies. Old and new peer-reviewed research studies documenting the potential dangers of fish consumption due to contamination with heavy metals, such as mercury, and carcinogens, such as PCBs, should make anyone pause before eating large amounts of certain fish. Corroborating the research are alarming reports from government agencies regarding the dangers of excessive fish consumption.

My own formula of omega-3, true omega-3

That is why, when I did the research and I came up with my own brand, my own formula of omega-3, true omega-3, we chose sardines and anchovies. These are the smallest fish, and their lifespan is rather short, which means they don’t have enough time to digest and assimilate these toxins. They’re eating the phytoplankton directly in the ocean, which gives them the base material in order to convert that into the omega-3s that we can consume and convert to those high-energy fats that we need to sustain really good health.

Omega-3s from supplementation is the safest way to go in the 21st century

We want to have a safe way of giving nutrition to our bodies that’s not going to harm us. Think about it, and consider true omega-3 as one of your go-to supplements for maintaining and increasing the level of health in your body. Thank you.

Congratulations on your journey to optimal health. Over here, we have the knowledge library, where you are welcome to dive in and keep learning.

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