Tony’s True Omega-3 Testimonial with Lessons from Garey

Are you ready to listen to one of the critical testimonials related to Omega-3?

When years ago, probably in my early fifties, I was having cholesterol issues. My doctor was saying that I had cholesterol problems and I was looking for not a cure but a way to handle cholesterol and I had heard about Omega-3s, tried to get my diet a little bit straightened up, but I still eat and enjoy life and I’m doing what I do and have a little wine on occasion here and there.

I started looking at Omega-3s and decided to take fish oil. I initially tried some fish oil from one of the big box stores and for me personally, it just smelled fishy. It gave me a bad aftertaste. I didn’t like it and then I found Garey and Optimal Health, and I ordered their fish oil. I tried it a couple of times and I found that it didn’t have any smell. It didn’t have any bad aftertaste. I didn’t burp. I didn’t belch. It was wonderful. I mean, it was good.

I checked my blood about every six months with my doctor and what I found is that it maintained for me my cholesterol level so I wasn’t getting in the worst cholesterol situation imaginable.

What I really found is that lower my triglycerides and my doctor said that by lowering triglycerides, you have longer health expectancy, life expectancy and that’s one of the components, a very important component of cholesterol.

I did it about every six months. My cholesterol has remained the same, which is good. My triglycerides are incredibly low but another thing that I found that was great about the fish oil that I take is that I used to wake up a little achy in the morning, joint soreness on your fingers or elbows. I’m a runner. I play golf. I used to play wallyball, which is volleyball on a racquetball court, but I would wake up and I would be sore.

I started taking the fish oil and what I found. Anecdotally I take three, twice a day. That’s just what I do. Some people take two. I like three, twice a day. I take it at lunch after I eat. I take it just before I go to bed. And when I would wake up, I’m not sore. My hands aren’t sore. My joints aren’t sore. I run in the morning. I warm up a little bit but I’m ready to go.

Recently I’ve been golfing with friends really early in the morning and I meet them on the driving range and they talk about how they’re sore and they all discuss, I’ve taken Aleve. I’ve taken aspirin. I’ve taken different kinds of medications for them to get through their golf game. And I’m like, they asked me, “What do you do?” I’m like, “Well, I don’t take any of that.” I don’t take any pain medication except for unique things when I either split wood or run a 10K or do something extraordinary but on a daily basis, absolutely nothing other than fish oil.

Personally, I think it’s been great and I tell my friends just… I mean, two, four a day, six a day, whatever’s convenient, whatever you feel comfortable with and you wake up. You feel good and I don’t have joint pain. I’m 62 years old now. I golf. At the end of golf, I’m a little sore because you torque your body when you golf but by the end of the day and the next morning I wake up, I feel great. No aches, no pains. Cholesterol is good. Triglycerides are just been knocked out and it’s a very good product. I just love it.

Thanks, Tony. That’s really great. I don’t even think I have any questions to ask you because you really covered all the bases. That’s really great. Yeah, just, it’s amazing. I came into this business because of exactly this problem. My triglycerides were high and it’s not something that’s in the news. It’s not fodder for the public. Everything’s about cholesterol but there is that dynamic and so I’m actually going for my blood test today, so I’ll-

I think it’s unique because, for me, you want to try natural products. You don’t want to be, no offense to the pharmaceuticals. They’re doing a great job right now with our certain, with the pandemic going on and we need them and it’s a good thing. But if you can find natural things for me, if you can find natural things that make you feel good and you’re not hurting other parts, your liver, your kidneys, I think that’s a really important thing.

I used to try to eat a lot of salmon, but you can only eat so much salmon to get the Omega-3s that it provides. 

Thank you for that. I really appreciate that, that you’ve come to this understanding and this knowledge pretty much on your own. I don’t think we’ve ever spoken, except when you called in to order the last time, so I appreciate all those comments. But it’s really, really true that baby boomers need to be on a supplement for their Omega-3s, because we just get way too much Omega-6 in the normal diet that we eat. If we have any processed foods at all, they’re going to be chocked full of pro-inflammatory.

There’s a little-known fact, and this is published information and there are 80,000 clinical studies on a process called eicosanoids. It’s a hormone but it’s not from a gland. It’s the weirdest thing and they did give the Nobel Prize for this science back in the early nineties or late eighties. Eicosanoids are hormones that allow and regulate the entry of nutrients into the cell, they’re created inside each cell and they open the door. They check and see what’s outside the cell, in case there’s something, a pathogen or some trouble, an irritant, closes the door.

The eicosanoids are fed and created inside every cell and the Omega-3s allow that to happen with much-improved viability. So that’s why, I mean, there’s all the clinical science papers are out there. It has not made it to the public news. The only researcher that has written about it extensively is Doctor Barry Sears, who’s a Ph.D. in molecular biology and he teaches the doctors. But this particular part of the Omega-3 story is not often told, so it’s pretty interesting that you’re getting this benefit and I appreciate you sharing your information with us.

Yeah. It’s something I didn’t expect. I mean, it’s an unexpected, wow. And I remember telling my wife, I’m waking up and I’m not sore like I used to be. 

It’s just very unique and I thought, well, maybe it’s just me but no… I don’t… When I play golf, I don’t have any problems and I’m not taking what people shouldn’t be taking on a daily basis.

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