A Beginner's Guide to The Lifestyle Cure

If you are sick of being sick or you’re sick of pharmaceutical drugs and their side effects, and you think that this is all there is for the relief from illness and disease, please listen…I promise to make this as short and to the point as possible!

I want you to read this book for free if you have ANY worries about any of the above or the effects of growing older. 

If your trust in the western medical model is waning or is less than 100%. I need you to know there is another way, a better way. Our western medical model is great for addressing acute injury and can do a lot to get you out of pain for the short term. Still, it fails in the area of chronic disease. Pills and medications can treat symptoms, but they all have side effects that can cause more trouble later on.

My new book is “The Lifestyle Cure, A Beginner’s Guide.” Download it for free and get instant delivery.

  • Suppose you or someone you love is suffering from the chronic disease of aging. In that case, you know what I am talking about diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, or even worse, cancer or even just a depletion of energy, like your energy fell off a cliff; if you know you are not eating right, you are not sleeping well or feel less than optimal then this may be the book for you.
  • You’re about to discover the MEDS formula for avoiding all these aging-induced chronic diseases, adding years to your life, and ensuring you attend important events like high school and college graduations and those weddings you look forward to. I am not talking about your kids’ but your grandkids’ graduations and weddings. I want you ready to show up and celebrate!
  • Using this miracle program of natural health, you can get healthy by learning what to eat and when to eat. You can learn to induce sleep at will. You’ll learn to power nap and capture 8 hours of rest in 20 minutes. Interestingly Buddhist monks and Navy Seals both use this technique.
  • It may shock you, but you will not need 10 medications to alleviate symptoms like low or high blood sugar, low or high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, and depression. Maybe you have seen one or both of your parents like this.
  • There is a better way. In fact, it’s a proven statistic that the more medicines you take, the higher your chance of succumbing to ill health from the adverse so-called side effects of the medications.
  • If you watch TV, you know what I mean. The list of potentially serious or fatal side effects is serenely recited to you while you are shown lovely people and pretty landscapes, people having fun (while they are actually suffering and dying supposedly, but you and I know they are handsomely paid actors faking their symptoms to earn their paycheck) … and then you are INSTRUCTED to ask your doctor if this medication is right for you. The oldest joke in the medical community is, “if the disease doesn’t kill you, the treatment will….” Sad by true. But there is a better way.

GareySimmons smile

My name is Garey Simmons, and I am a holistically trained integrative nutrition health coach. I studied functional medicine through lifestyle with the nation’s most gifted healers, MDs Medical Doctors, and NDs Naturopathic Doctors. I’ve helped thousands of people improve their health by suggesting a few changes to their lifestyle and nutrition.

But do you want to know something interesting?

Just a few short years ago…

I was diagnosed with very High Triglycerides and fit the description of having metabolic syndrome. Rarely spoken about in doctors’ offices but is pervasive in this country. In short, I was ripe for heart attack or stroke, like many Americans…
It’s true.

I was 53 years old at the time. After serving as a missionary in foreign lands for 30 years, I needed to make changes for my health and the needs of my many children! (I have 10 kids, 5 girls, and 5 boys.) You can’t just have a bunch of kids and then run off, have a heart attack, and leave this earth. We have responsibilities here. Agreed?

Then one day, almost by accident, I discovered a secret way of taming my high-risk factors in an easy decision and adopting a regimen that has served me to this day. And it only takes 30 seconds a day!

In fact, with this secret…I got hooked on a journey allowing me to coach and help folks like me. Of course, along the way, I took many natural holistic health courses that backed up and bolstered my beliefs in adopting the proper practices. Why do you think Navy Seals train and train before being deployed to danger zones? They are building habits and rituals that allow them to do difficult things immediately, and impossible things take a little longer.

If you have yet to notice, our Medical System is now broken.

Here are some complaints about the medical profession:

  • Accessibility to healthcare staff – The average time reported is 13-16 minutes with your doctor once a year. During that time, you may be able to ask one or two questions. Of course, you’ll be answering the doctor’s questions. But really, there is very little time to ask questions. When and if you get to see your doctor, be sure to have your questions written down beforehand. Hence, you can accomplish something more than a new prescription.
  • Dissatisfaction from provided care – Are you really treating me or just trying to help me feel better? Often drugs are prescribed to lessen or alleviate symptoms. Is the root cause being treated? How many doctor-induced opioid victims do we have to have before we figure out we are being overprescribed?
  • Delays in providing services
  • Quality of welfare facilities and basic amenities
  • Quality of hospital care services
  • Admission, discharge
  • Cost – This is such a complex issue. No one wants to pay out of pocket for medical care. But how much are you pre-paying for your medical care? How much is your monthly premium? How much is your deductible? As you know from everything you hear in the media, costs are skyrocketing! So, let me make this point: Staying healthy is much easier and less costly than trying to regain health once you’ve lost it. It takes some discipline and hard work, but optimal health is generally granted to us if we abide by the health rules. Five years ago, the Washington Post reported that it costs the medical system, on average, 1.1 million dollars for every heart attack treated if you survive! It’s not a bill you want to leave to those you leave behind if you don’t make it! Right?

Now every business has its challenges or steep overhead costs. The medical system has grown to be an unquenchable money suck. The best an MD can do once in practice is to try to alleviate pain and suffering using prescription medications. That’s their shortcut!

Do you think doctors have time and want to teach you how, when, and what to eat? How to exercise? How to destress your Mind and your life?

Medical doctors, unfortunately, die the youngest, suffer the most suicides outside of psychiatrists, and are generally not very well themselves. Is this who we are trusting with our health?

But there is a better way.


With the advent of our ability to store and share information, it is now possible to share natural holistic health practices online for literal pennies on the dollar. Yes, some of us have chosen this as a profession. Still, you do not have to gain the knowledge to overcome these aging-induced chronic illnesses. All you need is a new lens to look through. A way to parse information.

The lens is MEDS

But it’s not the meds you take for your symptoms or illnesses. It stands for

  • Mind State •Exercise •Diets •Sleep

Here’s how it works:

  • You’ve all heard these clichés:
  • Scratch with the chickens or soar with eagles.
  • Your attitude determines your altitude.

If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right!

This is simply perspective: Desire, beliefs, and commitment arise from the mental state. But so does stress, anxiety, and depression! It’s chemical, yes, but these chemicals are manufactured by the body in answer to the needs the Mind perceives you need or even desire.

But there’s much more to the mental state or the mind-body and its connection.

There’s the conscious Mind, the subconscious Mind, and the unconscious Mind. How do these work together, and how do each of these affect your day-to-day health?

Ask any doctor who has been in practice for 20+ years about “spontaneous remission.”

They don’t use words like “healing,” but that is what it is. Spontaneous remission is an unexplainable turnaround. It’s literally a miracle.

In these incidences, the recipient of spontaneous remission tapped into something the rest of us may be unaware of. If we are willing to learn and explore, isn’t it possible that others can get similar results?
There is much more to share about this first quadrant. But if you get your Mind state right, then Exercise, Diet, and Sleep fall into place.

Look at it this way,



Your Mind, body, and spirit reside between the two worlds on the dotted line. Our beliefs arise from our databanks of events you’ve recorded since inception. Even in the womb, you have hard-coded programs within your DNA. This is your genetic inscription. Our internal programming governs the results we see in our physical bodies and the outside world.

Herein lies the secret to abundant and optimal health.

You can follow any diet, choose to exercise or not, and try to influence sleep with pills and potions, but nothing will change working from the top down. You have to work from the bottom up. You have to defy the forces of gravity with knowledge. Awareness is the first step on the path to optimal health.

What are your options?

You can try to find a competent Naturopathic Doctor. But it will cost you. Insurance rarely covers visits to alternative care practitioners.

You may try to find a medical doctor trained in functional medicine. There are 50 top docs in the nation. They’ve trained another set of dedicated, pragmatic, skilled physicians, but they are still challenging to locate.

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Here’s the description of a Functional Medicine MD.
Leigh Erin Connealy, MD
In her early days of practicing medicine, Dr. Connealy noticed something peculiar: while patients were prescribed medication for their ailments, few seemed to improve. In fact, many seemed to get sicker. This led Dr. Connealy down the path of integrative and complementary therapies, looking for the root cause of illnesses and combining traditional medicine with nutritional and lifestyle options to treat disease.
Today, Dr. Connealy is the medical director of the Center for New Medicine she founded. She’s also opened the Cancer Center for Healing. She’s become renowned for her whole-person approach to treating cancer, outlined in her recent book “The Cancer Revolution.” While she doesn’t discount the place that therapies like chemotherapy and radiation have in treatment, Dr. Connealy focuses on addressing some of the key causes of cancer through natural approaches.
Here’s a simple piece of advice: Prevention is better than treatment… This goes for heart disease, cancer, and other chronic illnesses. It is significantly more effective to prevent than to treat. Don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol in excess, reduce your intake of sugar and processed foods, get some exercise every day, and eat some “god-damn” vegetables.
But let me ask you a simple question: which is responsible for your health right now? There is only one answer: It’s you. We can blame the government. We can blame the government’s food policy. We can blame our health care system. Who cares? No one, really. Your desire to live healthily has to come from you.
My MEDS program may be better seen as a preparatory program to lead you through your golden years without needing prescription medications. Learning to rely more on the Inner Game of holistic health. This is precisely what Dr. Connealy says: we must look at the whole body. While it’s a wondrous physiological device of trillions of cells all communicating and synergistically working together, it’s not just a physical machine. There is the inner game that needs prodding to move in the right direction. Then there is the outer game of the environment in which we live in terms of health and stress that seeks to weigh us down and lessen our chances of optimal health.
If this kind of thinking resonates with you, keep reading!

Werner Berger climbs all 7 highest mountains

I want you to imagine waking up when you are 80 years old, and for your birthday, you are at base camp under Mount Kilimanjaro. Your goal is to celebrate the turn of the decade at its peak. You are at your peak, ready to scale to the peak!

Do you get a picture of what’s possible? Here’s my friend Werner Berger who did precisely that in 2017.

Contrast that with My dad, who was on oxygen in his mid-sixties… Can you see the difference in outcomes?

So, imagine yourself at age 85, attending your great-granddaughter’s graduation from college. Helping to celebrate a third generation by your presence, fully able to celebrate, mentally and physically.

Your 60s, 70s, or even 80s don’t have to be endless medications, endless doctors’ appointments, and endless days of boredom because you are homebound and unable to drive a car anymore, needing a walker to navigate from room to room.

Can we agree we’d instead paint a rosier goal for our futures?

Suppose you get started today, even just 15 minutes of study and implementing new, accessible, not complex practices. In that case, you will be a sought-after “guru” among your circle because you know something your peers don’t.

If you need a more glaring picture, consider your parents or aunts and uncles… What’s their health like? Is that the outcome you are fearing? It doesn’t have to be. Not by a long shot! Your friends will be begging you for advice on how you do it!

Here’s the goal: If you are on prescription medication, we’ll show you how to improve your health to the point it may not be needed any longer. Many drugs are given as stop-gap measures. As busy as they are, doctors will see their prescription is not working as effectively and add another. It’s all too common for the medical community to get you started on one prescription; before the year ends, you are on three or four. A few years later, you could be taking up to 10 medications and suffering so many more symptoms. No one doctor can figure out what is causing those night sweats.

The problem with that approach is similar to the check engine light coming on in your car. You can go to the garage to find the cause or take a piece of black tape and cover the light. Medications mostly try to turn down the signals your body gives you that something is wrong.

The classic example is to give a cortisone injection to relieve back pain. Then you feel so great you decide to be more active and add a more severe injury to an already injured area. The band-aid, in this case, causes more severe damage and adds months to the recovery. The original cause of the injury needs investigation and treatment from a physical therapist or a chiropractor to heal the injured area rather than just covering up or masking the pain. There is a cascading effect; unfortunately, this is how the medical sick care system thrives. Because you never see any true healing, just infinite masking of symptoms.

In MEDS, we’re looking at the long-term goal of substantially changing your health with the short-term view of making small changes on a routine basis. The journey to the top of Mount Everest starts the same, with a single step.

We’ll dispose of and eliminate myths surrounding our sick-care system, which are in place purposely to keep you coming back for more. More pills, more consultations, more specialists. Keeping you well is NOT the goal of the medical system. In fact, you being healthy would eventually bankrupt today’s medical system. For example, after 13 years of living this kind of lifestyle, thankfully, I take no prescription medications, none. Knock on wood. 


Here’s the short list of goals: Any one of these is worth the price of admission!


  • Increase Quality of Life
  • More Energy
  • Better Sleep
  • Less Pain
  • Lose Weight (if you need to)
  • Experience a Better Sex Life
  • Take Fewer Prescription Medicines
  • Be Able to Exercise Like You Used To (or have always wanted to)
  • Recover Better From That Exercise
  • Reverse Your Biological Clock


This is really a program of re-education…

To really learn the material in this program, you’d have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on university & research. But now you don’t have to. It’s all done for you.

How much does the MEDS program cost? Download the book for free. In the book, I’ll introduce you to a companion online course that is also free. So, do you really have anything to lose?