Are you setting yourself up for success?

Let me point out to you that you have a choice at this point. So you are just beginning to wake up. At what point to you seize the day? Carpe Diem! At what point do you toss your pebble into the pond? What happens when you toss a stone into the pond? You make waves! You begin broadcasting and sending our vibrations. You start declaring. Begin setting the intention of your day. The first five minutes of the day is crucial. I am pointing out at great length how important the first few minutes are, because…

This is the point when you can change the course, the trajectory of your day which is to say your life!


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So let me back up for a minute and talk about habits. Habits are the means by which we run our lives. 95% of our waking hours are governed by subconscious habits. The few things we think we have control over are actually so deeply ingrained in us. Every move we make and just about every thought we have is repetitious since our earliest days on earth. We learn survival skills. We learn to tie our shoes. We mainly only do what we already know. So the challenge is as adults is to put away childish things. Examine who we are what we want. What impact we are to have on the pond, that is the world around us. Our families, our tribes, our circle of influence. 

So if you grant me that most of our actions throughout the day we are moving with rote memory and doing only what we know and 95% of our day we are basically automatons, I ask you this question:

What can you do first thing in the morning to make a difference. Can you prepare and state an intention? Can you make a conscious declaration? Can you set yourself up for love, happiness and success? Are you willing to work with writing new code into your subconscious? Are you willing to make a quantum leap into a new way of thinking, a new way of believing, a new way of life?

We run our lives based on our beliefs. Once in awhile it’s a good idea to challenge and possibly rewrite your code to match what it is your really want in life, as an adult, as a functioning member of the world. Change your habits, change your beliefs, change your health, change your mind both conscious and subconscious. 

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