The Best Health Supplements for Hypertension

Coach Garey here, we’re going to finalize this series on hypertension by bringing up some of the supplements that can be used and some of the herbs that you may want to try in order to naturally and holistically bring your blood pressure down.

We talked about breathing. I didn’t talk about yoga very much, but yoga is a practice that’s very calming and helps you to get back out of that sympathetic nervous system back into the parasympathetic where you can relax. Yoga is very, very relaxing. You do a lot of stretching, but then you get a chance to really, really relax and center yourself and your mind, that’s very important.

As far as herbs go, we have a product from TruSigma that is called TruBP, and it has about 17 ingredients, all of your vitamins, A through E, including a little bit of all your B vitamins, zinc, and I’m very happy to let you know that this has magnesium citrate and potassium.

I bring that to your attention because the sodium that you’re getting from the food is so much if you’re eating processed food, you’ve got to get other minerals to help balance that out. These things work on axes, and it’s a balance.

You need magnesium, and you do need potassium in your diet. And if you’re not getting it from your food, you got to get it from somewhere. That’s why we have supplements. There is a blend of herbs in TruBP that’s also working towards calming the system down. We talked about under duress we produce a lot of adrenaline, epinephrine, and adrenaline, and it really adds this chemicalized stress into your system. This blend in TruBP will help calm those things down.

There’s a herb that you can try, you can get it from most grocery stores, is hibiscus tea. So if you make hibiscus tea, that is a very well-known calming help for your heart to lower blood pressure.

These are a few different things you can try. Certainly, you want to maximize these kinds of good auxiliary supplements to the normal diet. We’re not going to be perfect in our diet. We live in a society where the government and the food policy and the food industry have kind of stacked the deck against us. Now, the alternatives are out there. You can go to Wegmans or Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, and health food stores in smaller towns, and find really good products to help your nutrition levels to stay up. But honestly, it does cost a little more money than the regularly manufactured food. That’s obvious.

However, since you have to lose weight, you may have to lose a little weight, the money you don’t spend on junk food, you can put towards the better quality food that will help you to be healthier, to have lower blood pressure. And I’ll just say it one more time. It’s really important to have a meditative practice where you’re centering yourself, having de-stress mechanisms in your life that you can go to. Some people pray while some people meditate, some people go for a jog, and some people go for a walk in the woods. There’s a lot of ways to just calm yourself down, enjoy the life that you have, and just make an intention to have joy in the middle of your life, in the middle of your heart.

If you fill up your heart with the good things, then you can start broadcasting that. And that’s the signal that you pass on to others where no man’s an island. I know we’ve been isolated during this pandemic, but we’re getting out of our houses a little more now, we’re remembering that we’re a community. We do have family and relatives that we want to associate with and have fun times with.

Make it a point to schedule something that’s fun and exciting and delicious for you to do to really practice that very important concept of self-care.

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