That Is The Best Diet, Fats, And Exercise You Can Do For Health?

I owe you a little bit more explanation connected with the last video about the best diet and some of the poisons that are in our food system.

We talked about industrial oils. I started to mention what kind of oils and fats are good to use for cooking and for salads and things like that. So I mentioned butter and the butter should be grass-fed if you can find it. The Irish butter generally is grass-fed butter that you could look for. And olive oil, obviously olive oil is one of the greatest oils for salad dressings. It’s got so many healthful benefits and it’s part of the Mediterranean diet, obviously. One doctor once said, “There’s only one reason to eat food and that’s to have something to put olive oil on.” Take that to heart. The other thing for cooking for actual, a lot of people are using air fryers now. They’re not using oils to cook meat and things like that, or even vegetables. You can actually grill vegetables in an air fryer without oil, but if you’re going to cook something with oil, one of the best oils to use to cook with is avocado oil, super healthful.

It’s got a higher smoke point, so you can use it for frying up vegetables, stir fry, things like that. And just with the whole idea of going Keto and using fats to burn energy, actually, people who’ve done this successfully find that they’re mentally sharper. They’re not bloated. There’s no stomach grumbling. Irritable bowel syndrome seems to clear up all on its own.

MCT oils, MCT oils. Those are medium-chain triglyceride oils, super health, where you can put that directly into a hot beverage like coffee and it just gives it a fuller, richer taste. It absolutely curbs cravings, it curbs cravings. So it allows you to consume a lot fewer calories. You think you’re, well I’m consuming fat isn’t that going to make me fat? No, absolutely not. Actually, when you’re going to burn fat as a fuel source, basically you’re not only getting rid of that subcutaneous fat from around your belly, the visceral fat from around your organs, but you’re even lowering cholesterol and getting rid of the high triglycerides that are floating around in the bloodstream.

That along with exercise, it’s always that along with exercise. I’ll make one quick point. I may have shared this before, but things that are worth knowing worth repeating.

Moderate exercise is very, very helpful for your health and well-being.

Going for a walk every day, a one-mile walk, a two-mile walk, five miles. They have these watches now that count your steps and you can get them, it’s actually pretty. If you have a friend to go walking with or you have a dog that likes to walk in the woods, it’s pretty easy to get 5,000, 7,000, 10,000 steps. It’s not really a problem. And you’re enjoying the outdoors. You’re enjoying the fresh air. Everything along with exercise. So moderate exercise is really, really good. When it comes to changing over from a glucose-based fuel system where you’re eating carbs to fuel your body. And you’re changing over to a fat-based or a Ketone-based energy source. You’ve got to do higher intensity exercise.

Now that doesn’t mean you have to exercise very long or very hard for very long. It’s more like the intermittent interval exercises where you do high intensity for 30 seconds. I have sprinter genes. I want to sprint. I want to run fast for a short length of time. My daughter was a sprinter in high school. I love that burn and I can easily do that for 30 seconds and then go to an active recovery from that 30-second burn into a 45 or 60-second active recovery where you’re walking at a moderate pace. If you do that eight times, this is what Dr. Mercola says. If you get your heart rate up eight times and rest, up, rest, up and rest, then my goodness, you’re doing something really, really good for your body. And you’re turning on that burn that actually continues.

Believe it or not from a 20-minute session where you’re really actively only working for about four minutes strenuously you do that. You actually burned for 24 hours. You get a higher metabolic burn rate for up to 24 hours. So the next day, again, 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off, however, you want to do it. 30 seconds on 60 seconds off, you can do 30 seconds on and 90 seconds off. That is a piece of cake, sorry for the pun. Alrighty, we’re looking forward to hearing good results from taking better care of yourself.

Remember, we do have a store where we, I’m not trying to sell you supplements, but I like you to check out some of the combination packages that we have that can help you feel better and live healthier.

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