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“Hi, it’s going just great. It’s a wonderful product, and I wouldn’t go a day without taking it. It’s kept my cholesterol levels down and it’s helped with joint pain as I’m getting older. And it’s the best anti inflammatory I’ve found. Very happy with the product.”
“I just encourage people to try the product. I’ve gotten a couple of my neighbors on it and they’ve been very happy with the results and so have their physicians.”


OHB3 Client 

“You’re 73 years old and you’ve been with us for 15 years, and you think you might have something to do with your lifestyle, living the good life and taking our supplements.”
“Exactly. When I started out, I followed your recommendation. I was pounding in certain ones. And then about probably five or six, maybe seven or eight years ago, I went on the program where I get the same. I don’t have to order individually.” (Omega-3 Protocol Autoship)


OHB3 Client 

I’ve been ordering probably for 15 years. Originally I was using Res-Q 1250. But I didn’t like the taste that it left afterwards. It kept repeating on me. And I was told, well, if you put it in the refrigerator, it won’t do that. But it always did. And then a friend of mine told me about True Omega-3. And I tried them and been using them ever since. They were great. I have no aftertaste. 


OHB3 Client 

My husband, Barry, had a stroke about 16 years ago. And the doctor had him on several different medications. He was taking Zocor, And Plavix which is a blood thinner. The doctor had put him on a daily dose of 325 mgs aspirin every day, and he just wasn’t faring well. [With Omega-3s] We’ve just had a positive, positive result. I don’t get migraines anymore. Since I’ve been on the omega 3s, I used to have pain in my legs from varicose veins. I don’t have pain in my legs anymore. And there’s no side effects.

Mary Sparr

OHB3 Client 

About True Omega-3: “But, you know, that’s a testament to what I think about the product. I’m taking three in the morning and three in the evening. And I think it’s probably one of the best things a person can do for his health. I feel like I’m getting more Omega-3 essential oils in my system. by taking this, then I can do any other way, you know. So my 76th birthday’s coming up. I’m just kicking long, working hard and enjoying retired life, you know? When I tell them how much I’m taking their eyebrows kind of raised up. I said, you know, it is way it works for me. And they go, if it’s working for you, just keep doing it, you know?”

Milton McNeely

OHB3 Client