Story of the Virome

Story of the Virome

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Key Takeaways:

  • Updates about our website
  • The story of the virome
  • A Virus is just a piece of genetic code
  • We are all supercomputers
  • We are all getting older
  • Free Brain/Memory Supplement – Will you help us to help yourself?
  • Gut health Tip of the Week


Announcements from Garey Simmons and Optimal Health Bridge

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You can email service @ but you can also leave a voice message at 877-572-3444. These “growing pains” are expected and we thank you for having confidence in us and our little team here as we seek to improve our service.

We love what we do and hope you can feel our passion and desire for you, me and the circle of humanity that we encounter to be journeying on the path to better awareness, better clarity and optimal health. The bridge from the dis-ease we encounter to the joy of living a healthy life is there for all of us to choose to take this path less traveled. 

The Story of the Virome: 

Story of the virome

ViromeWe have been led to believe that we should be afraid and fearful of “the virus” and yes at first blush, there is a case to be made that we can suffer at the hands of any virus. But it’s mythological.

Many scientists believe with good cause that the virome is part and parcel of why we even exist at all. Virus is just a piece of genetic code wrapped in a protein. It is how and the only way our genetics adapt to a new and evolving environment.

In and of itself, viruses are not alive. Viruses can only replicate in an organic host. On its own it’s really nothing. Nothing except a packet of genetic information. 

Yes, agreed that there are few and by few I mean very few viruses or virii, that can “get us.” Sars Covid-2 being one of those rare ones that can circumvent the human immune system if, and it’s a big IF, our immune system is compromised by comorbidities or hampered by a weakened immune system. Fear can be detrimental to health in and of itself, yet fear is also a mechanism of survival to keep us from endangering ourselves unnecessarily.

Fear and guilt has led the way due to the constant barrage of headlines that are superficial and don’t even begin to tell the whole story. Rather than living in chronic fear, the best course of action is to take appropriate precautions and countermeasures then to trust for the best outcomes. In philosophical terms, the common goal of all life is to live in joy and service for the sake of our community.

It’s true in the forest, and it’s true in any human organization, society, nation and the world at large. Remember this planet is a speck of dust on the edge of a medium size galaxy that is dwarfed by a cosmos that we cannot grasp. 

There is a lot of “life on earth”


It’s been calculated that if you took all the virus in the world, the entire virome and laid these sub-microscopic pieces of genetic code out in a single line, it would stretch for 100 million light years. That’s just a way of expressing the vastness of our environment and we are not speaking about bacteria, fungi, parasites and other genetic code that make up who we really are! 

In other words, there are more virii on this planet than there are stars in the known universe. These numbers are so big, it makes our recent events appear to be as close to zero as possible. There is no consolation in this if you have lost a loved one, relative or friend in this recent wave. And I am sorry for anyone’s and everyone’s loss.

I am also sorry for the isolation and regrettable consequences of societal actions that led to undiagnosed cancers and treatable maladies that were ignored throughout the pandemic. Every action has consequences and every inaction also has its own set of consequences. It’s called the law of unintended consequences. 


The Story of the SuperComputer: YOU

So with this, I was recently made to understand that catching a cold or suffering an illness be it viral, bacterial or fungal, is 

1) a time of rest to reset our metabolism

2) an adaptive function to strengthen our bodies

3) a software upgrade to the 70 trillion cellular computers that comprise this programmable network of who you are. (Every cell is a biological computer that is programmed with a long list of instructions to carry out its functions, it is not just a metaphor!) 


Wake Up Call

wake up call

As we watch our parents get older and as we get older. Nature has a way and our bodies have built in mechanisms to provide us with “wake up calls” and if ignored, then alarm bells begin to ring. There is a point where discomfort turns into dis – “ease,” which ultimately may begin to amount to a state of disease.  This is where the wellness community comes in and can perform “miracles” or preventative actions that are so much easier and safer than medical “cures.” (The whole “stitch in time” thing.) 

Our bodies will start with quiet murmurs which can increase in volume until it is a roar. Don’t wait if you are somehow disquieted. Take appropriate action early to avoid trouble. What does this really mean? Boiled down, it’s: 

Think right, eat right, exercise right and sleep right. 


That’s the whole point of what I want to confer. Took me awhile to get there but this is where it all begins. 



Abraham Lincoln Quote – “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”



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Gut Health Tip of the Week: 

Take Your Workout Outside

Any and all exercise can be beneficial to your health. But getting outside improves the results exponentially. Being outdoors also improves mental health. It brings more self-confidence. When you are more confident, you are more relaxed and it’s easier to relieve stress. When you are calm, you produce more serotonin in your gut.

This enables your nervous system to allow better digestion. Racking up miles on a treadmill is not exactly the same as going for a hike through the woods. In the woods you are ecologically exchanging your carbon dioxide that the plants and trees need, for oxygen that you need.

The trees are happy to feed you oxygen while benefiting from your exhalation. Not to mention your eyeballs are soothed by the greenery and the blue sky. All those photons you receive from the sun helps your biochemistry to produce more nutrients. 

Story of the Virome

Story of the Virome

Story of the Virome

Story of the Virome

Story of the Virome

Story of the Virome

Story of the Virome

Story of the Virome

Story of the Virome

Story of the Virome

Story of the Virome

Story of the Virome

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