Should I give Omega3 To My Kids For Their Health

Hi there. Coach Garey and today we’re going to talk about omega-3s and kids. In case she doesn’t know it, I have 10 children, five boys, and five girls. My youngest is going to be 24 years old on July 10th so I’m a pretty proud papa.

Out of the 10, I went back through my memory and realized that I had actually witnessed six of the births. I was pretty involved as a father, raising my kids and one of the most critical, important things that we believed in the way back in those days, was breastfeeding. And for very good reason. We accepted it as the way things should be without a lot of scientific knowledge but today I’m going to substantiate some of the things that we had already accepted and believed about breastfeeding since breast milk really is the world’s most perfect food. And if you think about it, mammals in general, which mammals drink milk? It’s baby mammals that drink milk. That’s a clue for anybody who’s lactose intolerant or as an adult, you can’t drink milk. It’s really important to get that mother’s milk as a baby. We want to start by commending our dear sweet mothers for taking care of themselves in the prenatal development stage and taking their vitamins. And sometimes eating is kind of tough, knowing what to eat and what’s going to feel good and what the baby’s really asking for. But one of the things that’s absolutely critical and important and where industrial food manufacturers have made a really big mistake over decades and that is with baby’s infant formula. In case you don’t know it, the brain is comprised mainly of fats, 60 to 70%, depending on how you measure the brain mass, is actually made out of fat. And it makes sense because all those nerves in the brain need a sheath and a covering so as to keep the signals going in the right direction and that covering is made out of fat.

There are several different kinds of fat, but what we’re going to talk about today, one of the most important is DHA omega-3. This is really, really important for children’s development.

When a baby is born, at birth, the head, the brain actually weigh 25% of the body mass. As an adult right now, I’m 2%. My brain is 2% of my body weight. You see that brain development is one of the initial organs that’s developed and in that first year after birth from birth until age one, the brain actually doubles in size. All that growth and development absolutely critically needs a lot of different types of fats and certainly, one of the things that we can do is nourish our children by having mommy breastfeed as long as possible. And if you have to switch to infant formula, really, really look good and long and strong for the formula that’s going to have DHA and other important, essential fatty acids to help with that developmental growth. In the 1940s and 50s and 60s, I don’t know how it is today, I haven’t researched that, but fat has had a bad connotation. Cholesterol has, there’s a bias against cholesterol. Yet every cell in the body has cholesterol as part of the structural makeup in order for those cells to actually be in existence. Cholesterol is a part of life.

I want you to know that I’m coach Garey and I have developed several supplements to help you live better and to live well.

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