• More ingredients & stronger doses compared to our Tru Immune regular formula
  • 17 powerful immune boosting nutrients
  • An easy alternative to changing your entire diet
  • Increases number of key immune cells
  • Increases the effectiveness of certain immune cells.
  • Can reduce risk of sickness
  • Can increase recovery time from sickness


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Why upgrade to Tru Immune PLUS?

Tru Immune plus is for people who are serious about fully strengthening their immune system. They want to pull out ALL the stops, and leave no stone unturned when it comes to their health. Tru Immune plus further boosts your immune system thanks to the addition of 2 extra ingredients… and a stronger dose of Ginseng. This makes Tru Immune Plus our strongest solution to naturally increase both the effectiveness, and number of your immune cells. This can reduce your chances of getting sick… and can increase your recovery time too. Because TruIMMUNE is three capsules of natural extracts… you don’t have to change your entire diet to get the benefit of these superfoods and powerful nutrients.



In addition to the 15 ingredients in TruIMMUNE regular… we have made 3 changes to make Tru Immune Plus even more effective.

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