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Resveratrol Plus Leucoselect (Trans-Resveratrol) 200 MG

  • Resveratrol Supplements May Help Lower Blood Pressure. …
  • It Has a Positive Effect on Blood Fats. …
  • It Lengthens Lifespan in Certain Animals. …
  • It Protects the Brain. …
  • It May Increase Insulin Sensitivity. …
  • It May Ease Joint Pain.
resveratrol supplement facts

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Let’s Talk About Benefits

Maximum Strength Resveratrol for the Discriminating Consumer! 60 Minutes Covers the Resveratrol Anti-Aging Breakthrough:

60minutesOn 60 Minutes, Dr. Christoph Wesphal explains that Resveratrol is a naturally occurring component of red wine that can apparently extend human life.



WebMD: Resveratrol may prolong life and fight age-related diseases.Resveratrol is one of a group of antioxidant compounds called polyphenols found in red wine that has been reported to have anti-inflammatory as well as anticancer properties.Resveratrol may counter type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance, a new study shows.



CNN: At high doses, resveratrol appears to prolong life spans and improve health in mice. Human trials are under way.This research, funded in part by the National Institute on Aging, was published in the journals Nature and Call in November, and bottles of resveratrol have been flying off the shelves since. Dr. Brent Bauer, director of the Department of Internal Medicine’s Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program at Mayo Clinic says “This may be the best thing since sliced bread for human beings, but we just don’t know yet.”


foxnewsFox News: For years, red wine has been linked to numerous health benefits. But the new study, published online in the journal Nature on Thursday, shows that mammals given ultrahigh doses of resveratrol can get the good effects of cutting calories without actually doing it.

“If we’re right about this, it would mean you could have the benefit of restricting calories without having to feel hungry,” Sinclair said. “It’s the Holy Grail of aging research.”


60 Minutes, Fox News and Good Morning America, and others are reporting studies being performed at major Universities, all indicating the compound resveratrol can turn off the aging gene. Suggested dose: 2 capsules of 250 mgs each per day.

“Drug development companies are actively seeking to patent resveratrol-like molecules to create pharmaceuticals that would prevent and treat a wide range of age-related diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s. The good news for consumers is that they can obtain resveratrol compounds in low-cost dietary supplements today.” – Life Extentions

Leucoselect is a type of Grape Seed Extract that increases bio-availability. Adding this to our trans-resveratrol will enhance the uptake and adds to its antioxidant properties.

Garey Simmons, Founder,