Omega-3 Protocol One Month Supply: The Heart Attack Defender

$79.85 $60.00

Six Capsules Per Day Regimen

  • 60 True Omega-3 Capsules
  • 60 High DHA Omega-3
  • 60 Antarctic Krill

Take 2 capsules of each per day.

Less than $2 per day! What else can you do for $2 a day that brings so much benefit?

Omega-3 protocol
Omega-3 Protocol One Month Supply: The Heart Attack Defender

$79.85 $60.00

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The Heart Attack Defender

Omega-3 Protocol Basic Combo
Discover the Omega-3 Protocol – Three Omega-3 formulations for complete coverage

When You Are Ready for the Best, Check out the N3 ProtocolTM

Is it Fish Oil? (Most people say, “That’s gross!”)
Is it Krill Oil? (Most people say, “What’s that?”)
Or High DHA Calamarine? (Most people say, “Huh?)
Vegetarians take flax seed and eat walnuts. (“Walnuts, ok, What’s a flax seed?”)

“All of the above!” is my answer which will produce a phenomenon of synergistic health results. But it must be easily available and affordable. Otherwise, our wallet becomes our master.

Here’s the question: Do you want to make a big, positive impact on your health, in a short amount of time? I know you do because you wouldn’t be on this site unless that was your aim.


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About the Omega-3 Protocol

I have been dreaming and conjuring up images to express the similarities and differences of the three types of Omega-3 oils that we carry in our store. I also want to explain why it’s a really good idea to be taking all three types of Omega-3s.

I am going to illustrate this at least three different ways and will keep adding to this article as I develop the information. When I say develop, I mean draw up these ideas with the skill of a 5 year old, hand it over to a professional graphic artist and then edit and rectify the illustrations and hopefully they will speak to you and make some sense. My fingers are crossed!

This first illustration began with an idea of a ship passing through the Panama Canal. Then it morphed into an icebreaker ship churning through arctic ice and finally a large passenger ship carrying many souls through dangerous waters came into mind. Here’s why: Life on planet earth has become toxic. Well meaning industrialists have invented processes in our food supply that enables us to buy tomatoes from Holland, rice from China, asparagus from Chile and wine from Australia. Yes, it is possible for mother earth to feed 7 billion people as long as we can figure out how to exchange goods and currencies. However the processes while well meaning have also rob us of integral nutrients. Phytosterols, essential fatty acids and vitamins have been replaced with synthetic molecules and food dyes to make the food look really good and last a long time on the shelves, but we are not getting real nutrition. I am painting with a broad brush, but I really want to make the case that today’s apple in the supermarket is not the same as an apple my grand pappy may have eaten 80 years ago. Farm raised salmon dyed pink to make it look like wild salmon contains no Omega-3 fatty acids. Nutritional value has been lost. With that being stated, let’s move on to the core of one of the bodies most essential components: essential fatty acids.

To get back to what is called the ‘hunter-gather’ model of nutrition, we have studied the habits of those peoples who live close to the earth and get their sustenance from local sources without processing. Local farmers markets and eat local campaigns are helping the conscious ones to get back to basics. Eating raw and eating local is a good start but there is a matter of convenience and the fast paced society in which we find ourselves. We have to adapt. We need a vehicle to get us from where we are nutritionally to where we need to be. Plant based vitamins and expressed essential fatty acids are part of the answer. The case for one super nutrient:

There are three Omega-3 oils that are being sold on the market today. Well, there’s more, but really I am only interested in premium oils, full of health benefits, not necessarily the food grade fish oils that have little or no effective benefits because most people can’t or won’t take them due to the unpleasant repeating (fish burps). The three major Omega-3 oils are highly purified Omega-3 EPA/DHA, Krill Oil and Calamarine Oil which has a higher DHA over EPA ratio. Each type of Omega-3 oil embodies certain unique properties that make it uniquely beneficial to the human body.


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Why Choose Optimal Health Bridge: (From Stan, Military Pilot Retired, 1st Gulf War.) "If you haven't learned about the numerous benefits to adding supplemental Omega 3 to your diet, I'd encourage you to check out what you are missing. I know every product description tries to convince you that it will greatly improve your life, so I understand your skepticism. I can tell you from personal experience that HIGH QUALITY Omega 3 supplements really HAVE made a SUBSTANTIAL difference in the health of my family and friends. It's not an instantaneous transformation. Give it 4-6 weeks for a fair assessment. However, while it's true I'd like everyone to consider using Omega 3 supplements in their diet, I'm really writing this review to those who already use the product and are looking for a good source. YOU FOUND IT at Optimal Health Bridge. I used Res-Q 1250 for years, and made purchases during their specials to keep the price as low as possible.
Why Advantage Shipping: TRUE OMEGA 3 is virtually the same capsule as Res-Q with a price tag much easier to absorb. If you'll look at the contents you'll see the similarity for yourself in the actual dosage of DHA and EPA. If you go onto OHB's Advantage shipping program (which I highly recommend) the price is the lowest you'll find ANYWHERE and the shipping is free, paid for by the company to encourage your continued use of the Advantage shipping program. This helps to keep everyone's costs low, allows to easy modifications and you never run out of needed nutritional supplements. Once you order from these people you'll begin to understand why I'm willing to provide such an enthusiastic testimonial to their product and to their company. They provide the friendliness and assistance that you might get from a local store, but they keep their margins razor thin. I appreciate local business and support them when I can, but this is one time where I can get all the benefits of using a local business and save well over $1000 annually in supplement costs. If all this seems too good to be true, call the company and ask to speak with Garey, the owner. You'll be transferred to him or he will return your call within a day (barring unusual situations.)
I have admittedly come to think of Garey as a friend, which is the first time an internet supplier has become one of my personal friends.
You'll get the same attention if you'll call him with any questions or concerns. You'll find he believes his business is not merely a way to support his family; rather he is on a "mission" to spread the word about the huge benefits of Omega 3 in fighting heart disease among other ailments. He has other supplements as well, but he limits his inventory to proven, useful supplements. You won't find him promoting fad products or cheap imitations. He created his own brand so he could control with precision the quality of his True Omega. These people and this product will NOT disappoint you. Give yourself a fighting chance against heart disease and other inflammatory issues by trying the product for 4-6 weeks. Talk to Garey about the dosage you should be taking since it really depends on your personal situation and health.

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