Heart Power Multi Cardio Support 60 Tablets

Most powerful heart multivitamin on the planet.

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Heart Power Multi Vitamins Cardio Support

cardio support

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The cardiovascular system is a true biochemical and physiological “workhorse”. The average heart beats approximately 100,000 times a day, pumping close to 2,000 gallons of blood through its chambers. This level of activity requires significant nutritional support. Through various mechanisms the nutrients contained in our Cardio Support formula provide the foundation for a healthy cardiovascular system. There are many nutrients, herbs and other cofactors that help support a healthy cardiovascular system and which are included in our Cardio Support formula.


  • Vitamin C, E, niacin, folic acid, vitamin B-12 and B-6 provide antioxidants and support healthy blood homocysteine levels.
  • Magnesium for healthy heart and blood vessel function.
  • L-CarniPure® brand L-Carnitine plays a role in energy production.
  • Green tea extract contains a potent antioxidant EGCG.
  • CoQ10 is an important nutrient for cardiovascular health.
  • Horsechestnut extract provides a compound that may play a role in blood vessel health.
  • SoyLife® is rich in isoflavones.
  • Hawthorn is from a high quality European source with clinical research supporting its efficacy and safety.


  • Antioxidants like vitamin C and E along with green tea extract help neutralize free radicals and help protect the cardiovascular system.
  • Homocysteine is a known cardiovascular “toxin”, levels which the B-vitamins folic acid, B12 and B6 have been shown to reduce.
  • CoQ10 is an important antioxidant and helps support the production of energy (ATP) critical for normal, healthy heart function.
  • Magnesium is a major mineral, and is essential for maintaining normal blood pressure by helping to relax the smooth muscle that comprises the lining of blood vessels.
  • Extensive research has been done on the role of soy and its active compounds. SoyLife® Soy extract contains isoflavones, which studies show help support healthy blood cholesterol levels and an overall healthy cardiovascular system.
  • L-carnitine helps maintain healthy heart function and normal, healthy blood triglyceride levels.
  • The amino acid taurine is found in high concentrations in healthy heart muscle tissue. When there is a decline in taurine concentrations, studies demonstrate a reduction in the efficiency of cardiac muscle function.
  • Standardized hawthorn and horsechestnut help support the relaxation of blood vessels and the heart’s contractility, and help provide support for the integrity of blood vessel structure respectively.
These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Heart Disease Is Still The #1 Killer of Americans – Use Heart Power Multi Daily

MILLIONS OF AMERICANS suffer from heart disease. Use Heart Power Multi Daily In fact it is the number one killer of all Americans, men and women alike. Many women think breast cancer is the number one killer. The statistics show otherwise. “About 39,520 women in the U.S. were expected to die in 2011 from breast cancer, though death rates have been decreasing since 1990. (breastcancer.org) That’s a lot of women. Now let me shock you. Compare 39,520 with this:

  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. In 2006, 315,930 women died from it. 8 times higher! (cdc.gov)
  • Heart disease killed 26% of the women who died in 2006 – more than one in every four. (cdc.gov)
  • About 2,200 people per day die from heart disease with 1.1 million heart attacks occurring each year. (aha.org)
  • About half of all heart attacks end in death. (aha.org)
  • One heart attack occurs every 39 seconds in the USA. (aha.org)


Let’s Talk About Heart Power Multi Benefits

The Unstoppable Power Within You.

Yes! It’s true. You have an unstoppable power within you. It’s your heart. It’s beating right now, pulsating with unstoppable power. It’s quite frankly in·de·fat·i·ga·ble, that is,  unstoppable. And you want to keep it that way. You can do something about it.

It’s all about Heart Power. Heart Power is an Unstoppable Force. Our hearts needs a lot of fuel to do its job. That’s what Heart Power Multi does for your heart; it helps your heart to do its job.  And what a job your heart does. Take the number of birthdays you have celebrated and times that by 42,000,000. That’s how many times your heart has performed this “indefatigable” task.

Here’s what your heart does:

  • –Number of beats per minute: 80; On average 72 to 80 beats per minute is considered within a healthy normal range.
  • –Number of beats per hour: About 4,800; Every hour of every day your entire life.
  • –Number of beats per day: About 115,200; that’s some serious work.
  • –Over the course of a year about 42,000,000 give or take a couple of million.
  • –Now I am 60, a quick calculation tells me that my heart has beaten without fail until now about 2,522,880,000 – that’s two and a half billion times. That’s incredible. I am incredible! You are incredible!

This seemed amazing so I asked Google the question to be sure I was right with my math.

I found this article:

Heart Power Multi: How Many Times Does Your Heart Beat in A Year?

Dear Reader:

Your heartbeat, naturally, is by no means constant. The rate can vary from  minute to minute, depending on stress and body temperature. In one famous, if rather grisly, experiment, a team of researchers in Utah in 1939 took an electrocardiogram of a man about to be executed by a firing squad. His heartbeat increased from 72 to 180 just before the shots were fired. Afterward, of course, the rate dropped sharply.

A rate of 72 to 80 beats per minute is generally considered normal for a healthy human being at rest. At birth, the rate is in the neighborhood of 130 beats per minute, with the figure decreasing through adolescence and then showing a slight upswing in old age. Women (and this seems to apply to the females of most species) have a faster heartbeat than men. Clams have the slowest heartbeats of all God’s creatures, varying from 2 beats per minute for a clam en repos to 20 for a clam in a state of extreme nervous excitement.

Since the solar year consists of 525,948 minutes and 48 seconds, a quick calculation at the rate of 80 BPM gives us a ballpark figure of 42,075,904 beats per year, give or take a couple million. A reasonable estimate for the number of heartbeats in a lifetime is about three billion.

— Cecil Adams (end of article from www.StraightDope.com)

Check this out:

  • 40 years: 1.68 billion heartbeats
  • 50 years: 2.10 billion heartbeats
  • 60 years: 2.52 billion heartbeats
  • 70 years: 2.90 billion heartbeats
  • 80 years: 3.36 billion heartbeats
  • 90 years: 3.78 billion heartbeats
  • 100 years: 4.2 billion heartbeats

You Have An Amazing Power Within You.

So don’t discount the work you are doing every day. Don’t take your heart for granted. Nourish your heart emotionally as well as nutritionally.

This will supply you with the micronutrients 85% of Americans are lacking. Nourish your heart with True Heart Multi which in our next batch and shipments will have a new label: Heart Power Multi.

Unleash the unstoppable power within you.  You already have it. Now do something with it. You are amazing!