EpiCor Immune Support (Legacy)

  • Only One Capsule Needed per Day
  • 500mg of Enhanced Immunogen
  • 60% Increase in NK cells in the mucosal barrier with 2 hours


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  • Boost the innate immune system and the activity of Natural Killer (NK) cells – Epicor provides Synchronous response to invading pathogens. –Epicor helps NK cells operate more efficiently and effectively!
  • Have Superior immune response –Great if you deal with the public in your job or free time activities – Ideal for teachers, customer service reps, librarians and anyone whose job or interests have you in contact with the public. – Perfect if you are subject to more down time than others!
  • Boost Your Body with High Antioxidants that work to overcome free radicals – Look and feel younger! – Feel good all-year round
  • Just like the production staff where this original discovery was made. – Turn your “sick days” into “personal fun days”.
  • Introducing a new, branded supplement that takes a revolutionary approach to immune health. While many supplement ingredients are indication specific, polls show that Americans favor preventive health maintenance over disease management by a two-to-one margin. Who wouldn’t? So how do you strengthen your immune response? The answer is EpiCor.
  • Manufactured through our proprietary MetaGen4™ process, EpiCor is a high-metabolite immunogen that feeds and nourishes the body’s immune engine to strengthen resistance and maintain wellness – before immune health issues develop.* Supported by extensive characterization, ORAC, in vitro, toxicology, mutagenicity, mitogenicity and human safety studies, EpiCor is simply immuno-amazing – and the immune protection you have been looking for.

Epicor Immunity Support
Discover the Power of Epicor to Help Strengthen Immunity

“I have had a terrible time with allergies from complete congestion, shortness of breath, headaches and body aches. After taking EpiCor for a couple of months I can not believe the night and day difference in my overall ability to breath and physical comfort and energy. I have been telling others about the tremendous benefits I have experienced. Thanks for everything.” -Teresa


Recently I met with Larry Robinson, the scientist that has been working with Epicor for over six years now. I am not going to get into the clinical studies and all that dry, boring invitro, exvitro, whatever but suffice it to say, I believe whatever Larry was saying. Why? Because it worked for me.

One farming family up in Canada calls me once a year and orders 24 bottles for her and her husband. They have been on Epicor for several years now! And I know why. They don’t seem to get sick any more, ever.

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