Prevention or Cure?

In western medicine, there is very little talk about prevention or instruction given on how to live a healthy life. When we say “health care” today we mean “sick care.” You never go to the doctor when you are feeling great. We only go when something is amiss.

0*rpV1C8BaK2b Co0KWe have a 70 trillion cell superhuman machine that is capable of so much. We have a lot of potential. But where is the instruction manual? How do we control the mind, the emotions and the physical nature of our bodies to live a healthy, joy-filled life?
For the most part, our bodies work with our environment and nourishment to sustain us. When things start to go wrong we tend to run to the doctor. For every symptom there is a prescription pill they may offer you. That pill most likely will reduce pain or irritation. But shutting down symptoms is not the same as healing. It is not the same as health. It’s really a cover up and not getting to the root cause of your body’s dis-”ease.” The doctors’ hope is that nature (your body) might just heal itself. If the symptoms can quiet down a bit, then the body can pull it back together.

0*TExP5eu Jjd5p5OTYou see, in the long run only your body can heal you. The doctor will try to make you more comfortable for the short term, but they are hoping you “get better” intrinsically.
Of course, if you have strep throat or a heavy infection or you have been in a car accident, you want a doctor who can put you back together. That’s the one advantage of having a hospital nearby, in the case of an emergency.
You need doctors and hospitals for certain things. But you also need guardrails on the highway lest you fall into the ditch. You need fences on the edge of the cliff to prevent unthinkable things from happening. I saw this first hand at the Grand Canyon.

Some places had guardrails others did not. The young ones, the daredevils, seemed to thrive on how close to the edge they can get, and then try to do a handstand for their instagram post!

For the most part, our bodies work magnificently! We are a phenomenon. We are a miracle. You can look into a mirror and say without equivocation, “I am a miracle.” These miracles of breath, and sight, and hearing and smell and taste and touch that comprise a single day in our lives, we just take it for granted, ho hum. Until… something goes wrong. Then we need a miracle to get it all patched up. You hope you make it to the doctor in time, you hope the “right” doctor is on duty and able to see you. You hope they take time to understand what is really going on and not just write a prescription and get you out of their office in under 7 minutes.

Once the rate of injury in the body overcomes the rate of repair, we begin to lose the tug of war. The yin and yang of life gets out of balance. One side wins over the other. Then we may pause long 0*r2EG4qNsC5mSQgSwenough to ask: “Why did this happen to me?” Well, truth be told, the body may have been warning you with subtle hints for a long time. That intuition you had that maybe something is not exactly right. If we can learn to pause and listen, we have a good chance of nipping things in the bud. A stitch in time saves nine. Better to prevent than have to come up with a cure. “Prevention is easy, cure is hard.”

So it is with Optimal Health Bridge. We don’t have the capacity to deal with medical crises. We do have the ability to deal in prevention and it’s not short term. It involves eating clean, nourishing your body, not just your mouth’s cravings or satisfying the stomach but ensuring that the nutrition you take in is actually making it into the cells of the body in order to produce heat / energy / vitality / life. That means it involves exercise, sleep and a healthy mind state. The easy part is nutrition. Next easiest is exercise. In order to sleep well, repair and recuperate, you’ll need to stay tuned in to your mental and emotional needs.

Life is not always easy. It can be complex at times. But it’s also simple if you follow the instructions and prompts your body gives you before things get out of hand.


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Garey Simmons


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