I Was Diagnosed With High Triglycerides- An Omega 3 Supplement Can Help!

It happened to me, it may happen to you. It may have already happened or it could happen in the near future.

In 2005 I was diagnosed with very high triglycerides. Basically, triglycerides are blood fats. Like cholesterol, triglycerides play a role in the diffusion of nutrients throughout the body. Omega-3 supplement options help balance your triglycerides. 


Fats are very important to live themselves. In fact, cholesterol is not your enemy, I guarantee you that, cholesterol is your friend. I want you to know, when I got this diagnosis of very high triglycerides, I took it very seriously. What I didn’t do is rush out to fill a prescription.

In fact, I was prescribed NIASPAN which is a medication that has now been taken off the preferred list of medicines  for high triglycerides. There are other medications now, but NIASPAN is not one of them. It does have side effects affecting the liver as all medications do. All pharmaceutical medications are filtered through your liver before they can make it out into the body to try to help you be healthier or feel better.

We have a slightly different way of looking at it. What I did instead of taking the NIASPAN I got on a course of omega-3 fish oil , an omega-3 supplement you can buy over the counter at stores without a prescription. I do recommend a high grade, high potency version omega-3 supplement, not the low cost, low grade versions that a lot of stores sell. You want a high grade, high potency  omega-3 supplement product. If you consistently take that every day for three months you will lower your triglycerides count. It happened to me! My triglycerides went from 508 down to 200. A 300 point drop in three months.

Now, why did that happen? It’s because I started taking better care of my body. 



I started supplementing with omega-3. I’m not a big fish eater. I do like salmon, I’ve learned to come to enjoy salmon, and salmon’s great, but you also have to consider where that salmon was raised and does it really contains a sufficient amount of omega-3s to really nourish your body. That’s another question, another subject for another day.

But what I want you to do when you get a diagnosis is to ask more questions.

Is this the only way to treat this?

What side effects does this medication have?

Do a little study, do a little self-observation. I’ll guarantee you one thing, you know your body better than anybody else and that body is your vehicle for transporting your essence around this planet and it belongs to you. It does not belong to the doctor. It does not belong to anybody else. You can have more than one health advisor. You can have a nutritionist, you can have a health coach, you can have a physical fitness coach. All  of these people know a lot about health. Doctors know medications and when our medications called for. When there’s an intervention necessary when things have gotten to the point that you are not well and you may be facing the disease.

So we don’t want to let it get that far. We want to take precautions and take action long before we get to that state and we do that by using nutrition as our medicine. I want you to think right, eat right, exercise right and sleep right. If you do all these things, you will be a healthy, happy person. 

If you have a question that we have not answered up till now put the question down below. We will make a video for you.

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