Omega-3 protocol

Glad to have you on the phone today.

You were telling me you’ve been with me for a very long time.

Yeah, probably around 15 years. When I had a heart attack, and shortly after that is when I started buying from you. So post heart attack, you’re taking the supplements and your visits to the doctor and things like that. How’s that going for you?

I had one stent put in and I have not had a problem.

And no problems at all.

No back pain.

What did the X ray technician ask you?

Oh, about calcium build up.

And I told him I said, No, I don’t He said I had a lot of calcium buildup in a particular area, which I don’t remember what he said, but I said no, I have no problem.

It’s probably from a car wreck that I had back in about 1972.

It went end over end in a car, and, uh, I was in, like, hanging from my neck in traction about three times a week, and it took years to get rid of that.

And it’s gone.

I haven’t had a issue with that in 20 years.

So now you’re living pain free.

You’re 73 years old and you’ve been with us for 15 years.

And you think might have something to do with your lifestyle Living in Florida, living the good life and taking our supplements.

Yeah, exactly.

When I started out, I followed your recommendations that was pounding in certain certain ones and then a broad, probably five or six, maybe seven or eight years ago.

I went on the, program where I get the same.

I don’t have to order individually, get the auto ship set up.

Yeah, that’s great.

And, looking forward to many more years, living healthy and taking it easy down there.

Yeah, we got to get in the sunshine, and I got a couple Corvette convertibles that I ride around it help a lot of vitamin C, Vitamin D right from the sun?



So that does sound like you living the good life.

Well, great.

Well, thanks for sharing that we look forward to taking care of you for another 15 or 20 years.


All right.

No maximums.

Only minimums.

OK, so Thanks.


Will you have great day.


We got that credit card thing taken care of.

And, we’ll get your deliveries out to you on time.


Thank you.


Thanks, Terry.

Take care, okay?

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