Omega-3 Supplements Can Fight Autoimmune Diseases

What is an autoimmune disease?

In case you’re wondering what an autoimmune disease is, it is when your immune system starts attacking your body, the cells of your body, thinking that those cells are damaging to your body. That’s an auto-immune disease.

Omega-3 is a prime example of the immune system attacking insulin-producing cells in your pancreas. Omega-3s combat some of these diseases and may be especially important during early life. Maybe you’ve caught this theme from other videos, but this is a supplement and a nutritional ingredient that covers the lifespan.

The scientific purpose of calling Omega-3s essential

From pregnancy, from the fetus, all the way through old age omega-3s are critical to human health. And this is the reason that we call them essential, the scientific purpose in calling them essential, is because the body doesn’t make Omega-3s, they have to be ingested.

Studies have shown that getting enough omega-3s during that first year of life is linked to a reduced risk of many types of autoimmune diseases, including type one diabetes, multiple sclerosis, et cetera.,

Therefore, don’t forget that omega-3s are very important for children and for grandchildren. Make sure your kids get enough omega-3. There’s plenty of ways to do it. There are supplements nowadays that come in soft gels and that come in gummies.

Omega-3s are also used to fortify some store-bought foods but don’t rely on that. Make sure kids are getting 500 to a thousand milligrams of EPA, DHA every day, as they’re growing up. You want to increase the dose when you get to your forties and fifties to prevent cardiovascular disease and to have a safeguard against forms of dementia and mental decline. Thank you.

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