Omega-3 Benefits ADHD Symptoms

What does ADHD mean?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, which is a behavioral phenomenon characterized by the inability to tune in to what’s happening in front of you, being super impulsive and actually tending towards aggression against others around you. That’s ADHD. Guess what? Omega-3 helps in an amazing way to calm that hyperactivity down.

If you get the sugar lowered, you bring up the omega-3s

There is another side to the coin though, and I saw that years ago. Sitting in a waiting room, my son was in getting therapy for certain behavioral problems he was having. There was another father in the waiting room, he had a six-year-old with him. The kid was just literally bouncing off the walls, he just could not be still at all. What was the father doing? The father was offering to reward him with ice cream and candy if he would sit down and behave himself. What happens when the brain even hears the word ice cream or sugar? What happens to your salivary glands? You start tasting that ice cream before you’ve even seen it. You’re imagining it, it’s stimulating a chemical reaction in your mouth. You want that ice cream. Why? Because sugar is addicting. A lot of people say, a lot of therapists, nutritionists, doctors, say that sugar is as addicting as cocaine, believe it or not. If you’ve had a sugar addiction and you’ve had to fight a sugar addiction you’ll know that that is true to some level and to some extent.

The benefits of Omega-3

Omega-3 reduce the symptoms of ADHD in children. This is a known, observed study that has been repeated hundreds of times. The brain has more to work with that’s going to normalize behavior, not necessarily in the way that the kid is going to just be like he’s on medication and he’s half-asleep all the time, that’s not what we want to do either.

Children’s lifestyle in the 1800s versus Now

You have to understand as parents and grandparents that kids these days have 70,000 stimulant activities going on all day long. In old days, of course, in the 1800s, it was the survival of the fittest. It was: • Up by three or four in the morning • Milking the cows • The farm chores • Slopping the hogs • Drawing water out of the well, and then • You got to get your shoes on and walk three miles to get to school. That was a lifestyle where survival was just merely the goal. Nowadays, where we’ve got a television, we’ve got Facebook, we’ve got TikTok, we’ve got X-Box, we’ve got all these things that are going to distract and incentivize kids to certain activities that may not be as productive as other things they could be doing. That’s why it’s hard for kids to sit down and actually study their lessons and do their work. What we found out in this last one year of lockdowns is that kids have a really hard time learning through Zoom.

All throughout the lifespan, omega-3 has benefits

Once again, I’m going to say it, there’s a lot of benefit in omega-3 for people of all ages, throughout the lifespan. We talked about infants, we talked about pregnant and nursing mothers, we talked about the other end of the lifespan to senior citizens. For children, omega-3 has plenty of benefits. Do you have any questions? If you have a question that we have not answered up till now, put the question down below, we will make a video for you.

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