Why Omega-3 Works Well as Antidepressants

You may be wondering why it is that omega-3 has been found to aid people and are actually very effective at treating depression. It is also an effective and common antidepressant drug.

Now, why is that?

When we go back to the beginning, we go back to the fundamentals on the basics and then looking at the first-grade level of things. The brain itself is made up of fats. So let’s dig into this a little bit. We call omega-3 essential fatty acids, EFA.

Why is Omega 3 an essential fatty acid?

It’s deemed essential because: • The body has no ability to make this particular chemical structure of this fat. • We have to eat it. We have to imbibe it. It has to be taken through the mouth, ingested, and then converted into the things that we need to run our body.

The chemical structure of the physical brain

The brain is 78% fat and if you took all the water out of the brain, what you’d be left with is a big glob of fat. Most of that fat should be omega-3 essential fatty acids. That is the chemical structure of the physical brain. if you’re getting enough Omega 3s in your diet, certainly your brain is going to be happier. Do you have any questions? If you have a question that we have not answered up till now, put the question down below, we will make a video for you.

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