Nocebo: The fear Induced Belief that You’re not Going to Recover

I’m sure you’ve heard of the word placebo, and in medicine it’s something in their clinical trials that the doctors actually seek and work to overcome to take placebo out of the equation.

In fact, placebo is a medical device that a lot of healers and natural practitioners use to help people to recover.

This is a funny story, but, the word placebo comes from French. And there was a pharmacist around the turn of the last century, around the 1900s who ordered a book from New York about self-hypnosis and he practiced and played with that. When he became a pharmacist & got his degree, he opened up his shop. He would tell his patients, this is the best medicine you’re ever going to take. When he told patients that, they would come back a week or two later, reiterating back to the pharmacist that this is the best medicine they’d ever taken.

The seed was planted in their mind. The mind controls one billion transactions in the body every single second. The mind is very powerful. So if you have a need in your body, the body is actually this amazing pharmacy and you can create your own medicine within your body.


There’s another word that is the direct opposite of placebo and that is nocebo, which is the disbelief in anything helping, and that you’re sick and you’re sick as a dog.

The scary part is, that there are so many misdiagnosis, it’s so common that it’s a very good practice to really question your doctor when they come up with a pretty dramatic diagnosis. Not that they’re wrong, they could be right, but get a second opinion.

The nocebo can affect your mind as well, where you believe that you’re dying from cancer when you may not even have cancer. That is a documented evidential study that was done. A gentleman was told he was going to die by Christmas, and he died three days after Christmas. At the autopsy, he had no cancer in his body. It was mentally induced and I’ve also experienced medically induced fear and stress with certain results from blood tests or from a CT scan.


Doctors really need to learn to advise their patients to take on some sort of therapeutic coaching or therapeutic sessions. People need mental refreshment in their life as well so that when you find something stressful in your life, that you have a way to de-stress from that and counteract it and go out and get more information to ensure that what you’re hearing from the doctor is correct.

Take it to heart. Be well.

Remember, the placebo is the effect of your body creating what you need to be healthy. Nocebo is fear induced belief that you’re not going to ever recover. So don’t let that happen to you.

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