I am not trying to “beat a dead horse” ***bad expression*** (I love horses, and puppy dogs, kitties, etc) but

“there is nothing more important than your health.” 

I know you have heard it more than a thousand times.

Ask any billionaire struggling with a life-threatening disease, like cancer, lymphoma, heart disease, toxicity and he or she will tell you the same. DON’T FOOL around with your health!

With that being said and agreed… do you want to know a little secret “ritual” I do every day that keeps me healthy, really healthy? It’s takes less than a minute a day to do each day….

I take two or three True Omega-3 capsules in the morning and repeat in the evening*

Omega-3 oil is essential fatty acids. You cannot live well without them. The body doesn’t make them so they have to be ingested. How do you get these oils if you don’t eat fish? And then again not all fish are the same. Sardines and anchovies are the key. Small fish that eat algae. So that’s the original secret. I am 100% sure unless you were born in the Philippines, you do not eat fish for breakfast. Nor if you did eat fish for breakfast, you wouldn’t eat fish just before going to bed! 

That’s the beauty of True Omega-3. They are capsules… Easy to swallow and full of the goodness you need for your arteries, your heart, your brain, YOUR JOINTS, your pancreas, the list goes on but it’s easier to say YOUR HEALTH. 

*I have a ritual with my morning and evening vitamin and supplement dosing. I think good thoughts. While I am taking my supplements I intend good things to happen. 

Recently, one of daughters sent me a text saying she was beginning to understand what I have been telling her for all these years… I replied exactly what are you referring to? You know, that thoughts are real things and if I am in a bad mood, thinking bad things, then that’s what I get. 

Yeah, it’s not like life insurance that gives you 100% coverage, but having your head in the game and creating an environment around you that is conducive to happiness goes a long way in making it so. 

Where else can you read something that starts with a terrible expression, moves on to billionaire banter, on to health, vitamins and supplements then ends with positive psychology? Do you want to try True Omega-3? [initiation deal – 50% off] 

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