MOVEMENT is the Principle Sign of LIFE

I’m with you today with the purpose of talking about movement.

Yes, you got to move your body. You got to get things rolling, moving. In the morning when you get out of bed, you should do a few little stretches. Yes, say good morning to the sun. The reason we want to stretch is that those muscles, a lot of them have been lying there all night long, you’re not moving that much, and things can get a little stiff. Especially if you’re an older person, the joints can get stiff. And what do the joints need to get un-stiff? How do you un-stiff your knees? It’s pretty simple. You stretch, which creates a fluid in the joint, which helps things to move nicely.

But really what I want to talk about, you may not know this, but there is a whole other liquid system in your body besides your cardiovascular system.

The blood system

Which is about anywhere from 70,000 to 100,000 miles of blood capillaries flowing all through your body

The lymph, the lymphatic system

The lymph has no motor, there’s no pump. The heart is the pump for the cardiovascular system, and when the blood proceeds down the arteries and into the capillary beds, guess what? That heartbeat’s not affecting the blood anymore. Do you know what’s happening? In your capillaries, there are little muscular movements in the walls of the capillaries that are only about as thick as a hair, or less, and sometimes they’re so thin that only one red blood cell can get through at a time.

But there is a muscular, called a vasomotion, vascular, vasomotion, that helps the blood to pass through, deliver oxygen to the cells, pick up all the carbon dioxide and metabolic waste, and move it along, and guess where it goes. It goes back up through where the carbon dioxide is expressed through the lungs. The metabolic waste is actually transferred to the lymph system that sends it back to the liver, and then you get to excrete that in whatever manner or form you wish. Now you may think I’m talking about going to the bathroom, but I’m also talking about sweating it out. Your sweat is part of your lymph system, and those are toxins that are leaving your body when you’re doing a workout and you’re doing some exercise, you get a little sweaty. Yes, that’s a good, healthy thing to do.

Movement is part and parcel of life; it is the principal sign of life

If you see a little insect on the ground, what do you look for to know if it’s live or not? You give it a little push and see if it moves. The principal sign of life is movement. I want you to move every day. You got to get some steps in, you got to do some walking, you got to do a little activity at the gym. Or maybe you belong to a swim club and you like to go swimming, 10, 15 or 20 laps. One of my customers called me and she told me she does 70 laps a day. Oh my God. So movement is a principal sign of life.

It’s good nutrition with omega-3s that enables this movement

The car’s not going to go without gasoline, without fuel or without electricity, whatever’s powering your vehicle. Your body’s not going to move very much without good fuel. That’s where nutrition comes in, and you know, as I always say, remember to take your Omega-3s.

If you have a question that we have not answered up till now, put the question down below. We will make a video for you.

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