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Introduction by Garey Simmons, CHC: Health philosophy is simply a lens through which we can make assessments about who we are, where we are and how well we are doing in relation to those around us. By our very being, we tend to regard ourselves as the center of everything, that is our nature because that is the perspective we accrue from our five senses. The environment around us gives us clues as to who we are and what we have to work with in building health or destroying health for that matter. Nutrition comes from the soil. Soil without organic matter becomes clay or sand. With organic matter life springs forth abundantly. All of this thanks to the water capacity of our planet which is about 70% and as modeled below, our bodies are also 70% water. Toxins also are part of nature and can be useful tools or quite dangerous just as fire can be a useful tool or quite destructive and dangerous. So put this in the background for a moment.

Micro and Macro: Within every atom, there is a structure that very closely resembles our solar system. Our solar system very closely resembles our galaxy and our galaxy very closely resembles our concept and current limited understanding of the universe. Yes, it’s hard to define what is bigger than our universe, but there are forces and energy that are not within our grasp to even begin to describe them. Whether you examine with a microscope or a telescope, everything including the macro virtually  mirrors the infinitesimal nature of matter. Within this fundamental principle, we are very closely connected to everything. It’s a big circle or maybe an infinity symbol. The number 8 laid sideways. No beginning and no end. 

Depending on what power the microscope has or what aperture the telescope has or what listening device we employ, knowledge of our very existence is reflected back to show us who we are if we take the time to look. The pattern is the same from micro to macro.  

Cognition, Dementia and Alzheimer’s

This week I did a quick study of what science has learned in the last thirty years in the field of cognition, dementia, Alzheimer’s and the like. 

Here are two interviews I watched and based on what I learned, I went a little more into some of the suggestions offered. This highlights some of the work of Dr Dale Bredesen. 

From Mark Hyman, MD: It is possible for those who are struggling with cognitive decline to regain brain function and take back their lives. Despite what the conventional medical model has taught us about cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s, these disorders are actually within our power to stop, slow, and reverse. 

In this video, Dr. Dale Bredesen shares inspiring stories from patients who have reversed cognitive decline and are now thriving. He also discusses the contributing factors that lead to cognitive decline and much more. 

Dr. Bredesen is internationally recognized as an expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and the author of the New York Times bestsellers The End of Alzheimer’s, The End of Alzheimer’s Program, and his latest book The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s: How Patients Recovered Life and Hope in Their Own Words.

He has held faculty positions at UC San Francisco, UCLA, and the University of California San Diego. He has directed the Program on Aging at the Burnham Institute before coming to the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in 1998 as its founding president and CEO. He is currently a professor at UCLA.

If you have the time, I suggest you watch all of these interviews and if you are at all interested or concerned about this subject I recommend using the library to grab one of these books. 


The End of Alzheimer’s
(This is pure science, investigation, roadblocks, setbacks and advances.)

The End of Alzheimer’s Program (What to test, how to assess and practical information for prevention, and recovery from declination within limits.) 

The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s – How Patients Recovered Life and Hope in Their Own Words.  

All these books are listed here as well for sale.

The pattern remains the same. Many of our chronic illnesses thought to be incurable and labeled so have been found to be part of an ongoing process of aging that is not only preventable if assessed early enough but reversible if not completely curable. 

And what does it reveal about us? It all has to do with Mind State (the amount of stress we deal with), Exercise (staying fit and being able to move our bodies,)  Diet (Nutrition that builds health as opposed to junk food that adds insult to the injury our bodies suffer from poor food choices,) and the restorative benefits of Sleep without the insults of poor breathing, poor oxygenation and defying our innate immune system and circadian rhythm. 

The most basic level of treatment is prevention. How do we accomplish this? Controlling insulin resistance. Avoiding diabetes type II. Have some form of exercise daily. Eat as cleanly as possible avoiding refined carbohydrates, getting ample amounts of fiber. Staying as close to nature as possible. Establishing a sleep routine that excludes light emitting devices and eating too close to bed time. Loving yourself enough to get fresh air daily. 

I can’t tell you how beneficial it is to find a forest nearby to walk through and enjoy the stillness of nature, seeing the sunshine beaming in through the trees, and observing animals in their natural habitat. Just by breathing air purified by the plant life, we are able to absorb the microbiome of the forest and be calmed and energized at the same time. Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.” ~Rumi

Identifying the sources of injury to our bodies and taking action is what the program will teach you. These could be in the form of toxins from mold in the home, or mercury at the dentist office or heavy metals in the fish you eat. Even the air we breathe while walking or jogging on the side of a road with cars passing by.  It could be inflammation from mouth bacteria or arthritis in the joints, once the source of injury is identified, the road to recovery can begin. Remember, when the rate of repair supersedes the rate of injury we are moving toward a state of optimal health on the micro and the macro level! 

Gut Health Segment: Vitamin D is critical for a healthy gut. I know this is not commonly known as it just doesn’t make the list of Vitamin D benefits very often. However, vitamin D receptors throughout the colon regulate bowel inflammation. When you are deficient in Vitamin D, inflammation can spiral out of control. By the way, half of Americans are clinically deficient in vitamin D. We don’t get much sun in the Winter and even in the summer we are slathering on sunscreen which limits the body’s ability to absorb and convert sunshine into vitamin D. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may be more easily corrected if you can get more vitamin D in your diet via salmon, mackerel, liver and egg yolks. Unfortunately, these may not make it to your plate very often. So again, like a broken record, I say use nutritional supplements like Vitamin D3 which is probably one of the least expensive supplements on the planet. You really can’t afford not to! 

It’s also well known that those with higher Vitamin D levels fared much better through this recent virus pandemic than those with low levels and the worst outcomes paralleled those with very low levels of vitamin D. I am an advocate of 5000IU per day which is one very tiny capsule. When new variants emerge, it’s not a bad idea to double or triple the dose. Our Vitamin D3 is only $10 for 90 capsules of Vitamin D3 5000iu (125mcg). How can you go wrong? 

Best to you, 

Garey Simmons

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