The Confusing Theory Of Cholesterol & How to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

The theory of cholesterol began in the 1950s and it persists to this day.  There are an abundance of books for sale out there that show and expose the Cholesterol Theory. When trying to gain understanding on cardiovascular health, this theory is not the best to reference. 

Cholesterol Basics 

The simple fact is, cholesterol is a part of life! That’s why balancing our cholesterol levels is important for our overall health. It’s a substance created by the liver and yes, you do get some cholesterol from the food you eat. Meat provides some cholesterol. If you eat plants, guess what? You also get cholesterol. The plant form, plant sterols, which is also cholesterol. The fact is,  cholesterol is part of life. We all need to accept that.

Consider the one law for within the human body; blood stays in the arteries. Blood does not leave the arteries until the blood flows to the capillary beds and moves over to the veins. To nourish the cells of your body, blood would have to move through the hair follicle size veins, one blood cell at a time.

Balance Cholesterol Levels

Where are the cells of your body? They’re all over. From the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Should your ever injure yourself. cholesterol is needed in to coagulate and stop the bleeding. This will cause the wound to scab over and start to heal. We must balance our cholesterol levels.

Now, in the interior, let’s talk about your coronary arteries. Those big fat arteries that reside on the top of your heart. The coronary arteries feed your heart muscle with oxygen. Blood flows through the pulmonary, through the lungs, comes back to the heart. That oxygenated blood is feeding your heart and giving you life.

So, what happens when you start a calcium buildup or a blockage in those arteries?  Heard of the Widow maker? That’s where you never knew you had heart disease and suddenly your wife’s a widow. Sudden death, which happens quite often in this country, is mainly because people don’t follow their health properly.

So, what do we do? What do we say?

We want to lower cholesterol right?

But in fact, if you have a little tiny seepage of blood from that coronary artery, bam! The cholesterol rushes in. This is your body’s innate immune system saying, “Hold on there, you’re not going anywhere.” And, it puts a patch on that part of the artery. The cholesterol is there to save your life, to help you to enjoy a long and full life. When the doctor tells you to lower your cholesterol, what they should really be telling you is ways to balance cholesterol levels

If you’re over 60, don’t take the first instance of lower your cholesterol as being gospel.

As we age, cholesterol also resides in abundance in your brain. If you were to lower cholesterol to the point that they’re recommending, you’re setting yourself up for potential dementia.

Don’t do that!!

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I want you to live a long life. A happy life. A prosperous life. Which means you don’t have to count on the healthcare system. Balancing cholesterol levels starts with a little bit of self study & self-awareness along side talking to a health coach or natural path.

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