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It’s Personal Part Nine: Resistance Training

Start small and work up gradually


Caution: Weight lifting if done incorrectly can cause injury. Be modest in your approach to weights. Do not try to lift higher amounts of weight than you are used to.

Begin with an easy amount and increase weight gradually.

Repetitions should be 12 – 15 as a set. The last few reps should get your muscles ‘burning’ that is ‘firing’.

When you can do a set with 15 reps and not feel it, this is a sign it’s time to add more weight…but gradually.

Resistance bands can get your muscles firing as quickly as lifting weights and is not as dangerous for the beginner.

This is where a personal trainer comes in handy to help you establish a routine. Routines are good, but they must be varied from time to time.

Besides, taking care of your internals, your adrenals and your digestive system, some attention needs to be given to resistance training. It’s the use of muscle which allow movement.

Muscle need nutrition and there is only one thing that builds muscle from the nutrition standpoint and that is protein.

As you begin to work out with weights you will need to adjust your protein intake. This mean more protein. You can get protein from bars. Bars will have some sugar but I only use bars that have a very minor amount of sugar and a larger amount of protein, otherwise its not worth the glycemic load.

A daily protein-veggie shake is helpful too. If you are going to eat meat, understand there are inherent risks in what you can get at the store. It’s best to find a source of free range chicken and grass fed beef. This more natural way of raising meat is more costly and it is in its infancy so you will have to look around.

Weight training is usually one day on then next day off. There are many reasons for this but try to get 3 – 4  thirty minute sessions a week. This is in addition to your interval training as described earlier.  Stay safe as you exercise. Take it easy when beginning. The goal is to fall in love with exercise so it should be engaging, entertaining and fun.

If you have thoughts and ideas of how you do this, please share them with us!

Best wishes,

Garey Simmons

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    • admin says:

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for the feedback. I can only share what I observe. It’s actually fun to have a partner and challenge one another. I send a text friends when I complete my interval training, that way, I am in the constant feedback loop. Let me know if you have and questions. Love to help.


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