Something's in life are important
Somethings in life are important

Yes, it’s personal with me. I am not a perfect specimen. I don’t think I have the right genetic make up to be a basketball player, a baseball player and who wants to get smashed up in the NFL? I am 5′ 8″ on a good day. Present weight this morning 171.6. My weight is no longer going down because my muscle mass is growing. I feel better. Fat is flabby. Muscle is toned. That’s how you tell the difference! (You know I am just playing now.)

I am a work in progress.  I started this business with the goal in mind that if I represent health, maybe I will try harder to live up to the expectation. I did my certification for fitness training with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. I memorized all the muscle groups. I demonstrated how to exercise safely for various muscle groups. I will continue my anti-aging education with Johns Hopkins University. I am committed.

There is another reason I started this business. I realized that supplements and vitamins cost money. I spent many years working as a volunteer and in foreign missions without much money. I kind of know the value of a dollar even if the government doesn’t. Yes, I wanted to learn this business so I could get my supplements are the best prices possible. So now I have a small warehouse of vitamins and supplements. I stock about 30 products. Not, 3000. Not 13,000 like some mega-vitamin stores do. There is a few things everyone needs and there are some things a few of you need. I am trying to cover the most necessary bases. That’s all. It’s my minimalist nature.

I am a baby boomer at 57 years of age. I look at what I need and I want to make it available to others. I figure, I fit the type of at least 80% of you. 99% of your DNA and my DNA are identical. I want you to do yourself a favor and learn from my journey. Small incremental shifts. Small steps, informed decisions, lead to better health, happier living and longer life. Yes, you can do it!

My cell phone number is 443-852-1000. If you read all seven pages of this article, you can have my phone number in case you want to grill me or talk things over. Just don’t yell. Unless your that excited with your progress! Then it’s okay. Stay in touch. Write to me here. 


Stay well,

Garey Simmons

PS List of extremely good continuity offers made in this article:

If you signed up for all of the above, it would be $4.06 per day. Yep, one cup of latte a day and wow, all that goodness. (Oh, btw, we cover the shipping on all these offers.)

Next page will tell you how to build muscle and lose flab…

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    • admin says:

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for the feedback. I can only share what I observe. It’s actually fun to have a partner and challenge one another. I send a text friends when I complete my interval training, that way, I am in the constant feedback loop. Let me know if you have and questions. Love to help.


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