It’s Personal with Me

It’s Personal Part V. -Why Supplements?

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Look! No Hands!

Do I really need to take vitamins and omega-3s? The answer is yes.

Yes, yes, yes.

Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Here’s why?

I really don’t care what kind of great diet you follow. In 2011, you can’t get what you need from food alone.

I can say I am right about this with 99.8% certainly. The 2/10th of 1 percent of the population that eat raw, organic and healthy won’t be in my customer database. Sorry! But it’s the truth!

My story is a personal story of being raised in America and eating what the general population eats.

Let’s take the case of Omega-3s: Why you and I both need to supplement this super nutrition in our daily lives.

1. The American Heart Association is conclusive in stating that Omega-3 fatty acids help all takers.
1a. Conclusively and clinically tested to improve heart health, brain health and joint health.
1b. One of the best and most effective anti-inflammatory substances you can get.
2. The body doesn’t make Omega-3 fatty acids, they have to be ingested. And that’s why they are called ‘essential.’
3. The helpful Omega-3s mainly come from fatty fish. Vegans can take flaxseed but it’s only 5% effective.
4. Fish in our oceans can be contaminated with toxins such as pcbs, arsenic and lead.
5. Farm raised fish are fed a diet that makes Omega-3s negligible. You get protein from these fish but not Omega-3s.
6. Sufficient Omega-3s of the right source can help prevent heart attacks and stroke.
7. Omega-3 super supplements like the Omega-3 Protocol are fool proof pure. And good for you. No matter who you are! (Less than $1 a day on continuity.)

Therefore, supplementation becomes the shortcut on the stairway to the heaven of optimal health.

Next, what about Multi Vitamins?

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    • admin says:

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for the feedback. I can only share what I observe. It’s actually fun to have a partner and challenge one another. I send a text friends when I complete my interval training, that way, I am in the constant feedback loop. Let me know if you have and questions. Love to help.


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