It’s Personal with Me

It’s Personal Part III. -The Trainer, Food Journal, Accountability

Bald Eagle at Bad Axe Lake, MN
Bald Eagle at Bad Axe Lake, MN


I finally consulted a fitness trainer. A personal trainer. Why? If I am going to pay for the membership, I should learn a bit about how to do things the right way. I needed to make changes. I realized I needed help.

The first thing the trainer did was introduce me to a few pieces of equipment. That was my free half hour with the trainer. Most of them give you 30 minutes without cost.

Then he asked me to keep a food journal for the next 7 days.

The following week, I turned in the journal.

He looked at it for about 30 seconds and said what he probably says to all his clients: “You can cut your gym time in half, if you stop junk food. You are going to have to work way too hard, if you keep eating like this.”

It took a few months to sink in. Ok, honestly, it took a couple of years to sink in.

I had to hear it from many experts, many times. You see, I was “married” to bread, pasta, rice, any type of carbs, I wanted them!

The idea of giving that stuff up was just plain … well, hateful.

I was the 5 year old kid saying to his mommy, “I ain’t a gonna do it.”

Finally, finally after years of the chinese water drip, it began to sink in.

I could survive eating protein and veggies and slow burning carbs. In fact, I could enjoy it.

I will tell you what was the final solution:

When my 31 year old son, took up a slow carb regimen and started training with a kettle ball, then I knew what I had to do. In six months he lost his sedentary paunch. He turned into a lean, mean mountain climbing machine. His software programming job is highly paid but keeps him at his computer many long hours at a time. I mean 10 – 12 hour days are not uncommon in his profession. Deadlines are always tight. There is never enough hands or extra brains to get it done in regular work hours.

“Hey if he can do it, I can do it.”

Yeah, there were some secret sauce supplements involved too, but that’s not the point.

Where there is a little bit of competitiveness, there is a way. You could also define it as accountability.

If you establish a bond with a partner and tell’m or tell’r what you are intending to do, then that partner can help and remind you of your commitments. That alone will help you move mountains.

Bald Eagle in Flight
Bald Eagle in Flight

Next, How can I avoid junk food? in America? Are you kidding me?

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    • admin says:

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for the feedback. I can only share what I observe. It’s actually fun to have a partner and challenge one another. I send a text friends when I complete my interval training, that way, I am in the constant feedback loop. Let me know if you have and questions. Love to help.


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