It’s Personal Part II. -The Gym.

My next small step was to join a gym. At the time it was a $40 a month expense. Later I learned that with an AARP membership I could get it for $25 a month! Hurray. Isn’t great to be old enough to get AARP discounts?

There are many types of gyms and fitness centers to choose from. Of course Gold’s Gym is the gold standard but there are many others. What I like about the big gyms is that they have group exercise classes as well as millions of dollars of equipment.

Not that I use any of it very much. Hey, if I am standing in a garage, it doesn’t make me a car. If I look at the shiny fitness equipment, it doesn’t make me shiny or fit.

But the classes are worth the price of admission. Many times there are only a few students and the instructor can give you personal attention. She/he can answer questions and help you to make real progress.

The adaptive behavior paradox kicks in and you just know to do what everyone else is doing. Makes the doing part easier!

This is was how I fell in love with yoga. I had a great teacher. In the beginning there were only a few students. Now the classes are so full, it’s hard to find a spot to lay down your mat.

I will tell you where you can always find space. It’s kind of like church. The back always fills up first but there is always room up front.

I attend a lot of seminars. I guess you could say I am a lifelong student.

The front row at high priced seminars are called the Million Dollar Seats. Because that is where the highest energy is, in the front of the room. The movers and shakers are absorbing the energy and making those small shifts in their thinking that will bring success.

So don’t be shy. Head to the front of the class.

Many times, being up front when I do something wrong, teach can correct me right on the spot! It makes me feel like I am getting personal instruction. And in fact I am! Next, should I hire a personal trainer?

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    • admin says:

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for the feedback. I can only share what I observe. It’s actually fun to have a partner and challenge one another. I send a text friends when I complete my interval training, that way, I am in the constant feedback loop. Let me know if you have and questions. Love to help.


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