Dear Dwayne Somers and Chris Blindheim, 

As an organization dedicated to supporting veterans, we at Optimal Health Bridge, LLC  are inspired by the incredible work done by in fulfilling their core mission.

I was particularly touched by the story of JJ Watt paying for 14 year old Kimberly’s funeral after a mass shooting, then receiving tickets to the Super Bowl and meeting JJ Watt to personally thank him. 

We would like to propose a collaboration that not only benefits veterans but also contributes to the fundraising efforts of

We saw on your website your current goal is to raise $175,000 and you are just crossed over $50,000 mark. We’d like to help toward that goal. Our company offers a highly regarded supplements that have demonstrated numerous health benefits for veterans and individuals alike. We believe that by partnering with, we can make a significant impact in supporting veterans’ well-being while simultaneously helping raise funds for their valuable programs.

Here’s how we envision our collaboration:

Utilizing the sale of True Omega-3, a high potency supplement with many benefits, to help fund your goals.  We propose making our supplements available for purchase through For each sale made on, the service organization will receive a generous 20% commission, directly contributing to their fundraising efforts.

Discount for Members: Additionally, we are pleased to offer a 15% discount off the retail price of our supplements to members. This discount is our way of expressing gratitude to those who have served our country.

By partnering with, we aim to amplify our collective impact on the veteran community. Not only will veterans have access to a beneficial supplement, but the funds raised through this collaboration will help continue their mission of providing unforgettable experiences and vital support to veterans and their families.

We would be honored to discuss this collaboration opportunity further and explore how we can work together to make a meaningful difference. Please let us know your availability for a call or meeting to discuss the logistics, next steps, and any additional details you may require.

Thank you for considering this partnership, and we look forward to the possibility of joining forces with to support our deserving veterans.

Best regards,

Garey Simmons

Founder (877) 572-3444

Optimal Health Bridge Partnerships

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