Our Immune System & Its’ Fight Against Bacteria, Pathogens & Viruses

We’re all wanting to really boost our immune system, which is a really good thing. It’s a very important topic that I think is not discussed enough.

Vitamin D, zinc are really important basic minerals and vitamins that go into making you healthy and preparing your defense system. They prepare your immune system to fight against:

  • the planet outside
  • the environment
  • dirt
  • bacteria
  • pathogens
  • viruses

One product that we have, is truly AMAZING! It’s called Epicor. I’ve been on it for 15 years.I found it at a trade show in Las Vegas when it had just come out. It had just been announced after years and years of research.

It comes to us from the agricultural industry and people working in the factory that made this product for cows, for birthing mother cows weren’t getting sick anymore. Just the dust in the air. This is the one time that there’s a story that industrial pollution helped people to get healthier. So after three more years of research, it was turned into a human ingredient called Epicor.

How Epicor Works with Your System

It’s based on brewer’s yeast, but it’s enhanced in a very special way. And what it does, this is the amazing thing.

One capsule a day within two hours, your natural killer cells from your immune system are increased by 60% in the mucosal barrier in your nasal and in your mouth, which means everything you’re breathing in, everything you’re touching to your lips could be contaminated and infected and could harm you and hurt you, except that these killer cells, the NK cells actually go to your defense, knock out those colds, knock out those viruses before they even have a chance to make it down to your lungs or get into other parts of your body.

It is really important to take good care of your health, not to worry about these things too much, except, do the right thing. Vitamin D, zinc, Epicor. We have a product called True Immune. I’ll talk about that one a little later.

If you have a question that we have not answered up until now, put the question down below, we will make a video for you.


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