Only Read This If… You are interested in Better Results…

Only Read This If… You are interested in Better Results…

better results

I do a sort of a stream of consciousness article most weekends. It takes a day or two for the editors to format and make a thumbnail for the post on the blog. I cover several topics in each mailer and for God’s sake I know most of it won’t be THAT interesting. Scan, skim and read the pieces that seem applicable for you. Take away any nuggets that are valuable to you and leave the rest to fall by the wayside. I promise, it’s okay with me. 



For the last several years, I have a process that encourages me to think about my why. Think about “the what?” No. Think about “the how?” Sometimes. But to really get to the nitty gritty of a thing, there has to be a BIG REASON WHY! A motivation, a passion, a belief and it’s not just about pleasure or money. Those are temporal, almost frivolous but a passion to action is a must, IF you are desiring to reach the next level. 

If you wish to take a few minutes and watch Simon Sinek’s original Ted Talk based on his 2009 book, “Start with Why,” you will soon get the idea that mostly everyone is doing pretty much the same thing, that is the “what and the how.” But the why:  The motivation and the mission has to come from a place of passion. This is what differentiates and makes something that is plain vanilla into an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top. 

Here’s my why: I live each day with the idea that if I walk in love, speak happiness, and fill up my heart with joy, then I have raised the vibration of my energy to be able to transmute those energies into excellent health. I have learned that self-love is important. I know that sounds a little woo woo and just a little bit weird. But let’s face it:

If you don’t like who you are, what you do and disrespect your own decisions and can’t forgive yourself for the dumb things we all do, then any hope for better outcomes are going to be out of reach. Respect for oneself and love for our neighbor are intertwined and my sincere hope is that each person I speak to or spend time with will appreciate their humanity, the miracle of their essence just a little more. Afterall, we are a miracle living in a full colorful reality.

ice burg

What do we have control over? We know we don’t have control over most external things. The world happens all around us but our control is limited to what’s inside our boundaries and what we are able to influence. Physiologically, the electrical energy of our bodies extends out about 3 feet for most of us and all that goes on within us should be within our control.

Our mental and emotional faculties and our biology and physiology should be within our control. Of course the human body runs on “automatic pilot” most of the time. That is the autonomic functions of our body and the habits that we create while growing up, observing our parents, friends and surroundings.

We imbibe and drink in what we are taught. Negative thoughts, beliefs and vibes can cause us difficulty (and illness or heartache.) It is easy to blame an issue on external circumstances. But the overcomers and the leaders take that same difficulty and see within it the seeds of opportunity. Bad things happen, yes. Everyday. It is up to us to figure out how to make lemonade out of all those lemons. 

It’s not sugar coating the problem. That wouldn’t solve anything. It’s splitting the problem open and looking for the opportunity to turn the misfortune into something else. The Midas touch if you will.


flamin hotRichard Montanez

Flamin’ Hot: The Incredible True Story of One Man’s Rise from Janitor to Top Executive

88 ratings


Watch this podcast:

It features Richard P. Mantanez, the true story of a child born into a migrant grape picking family, who later became a janitor at the Frito Lay company. His story is of overcoming prejudice and sabotage with sheer good hearted wit and wisdom.

Richard, with a six grade education and a encouraging wife supporting him, became a top executive in the PepsiCo company. He made a science of walking through closed doors. This is what I mean about solving problems instead of moaning and groaning about the external environment. 


This stuff works. Not all the time or everyday. But with persistence, we all get there if we don’t quit. I know it’s a big if. 






We are healing machines

healing machine

When it comes to health in all its forms, we are healing machines. For most of our lives, the rate of repair is greater than the injuries we cause or sustain. We can take ownership of our health if we develop a method of looking at the amazing processes we have within us. If we examine just a single cell, we find a supercomputer.

There is an energy source, there is machinery screening for toxins and antidotes to be summoned when needed. The cytoplasm of the cell governs import and export facilities, after passing rigorous tests. Now take that single cell and network this computer into a larger conglomerate of 70 trillion cells with similar capacity, then we begin to understand, there is no problem that cannot be solved. Our interaction with this computer network is rather simple. We only need to control our mindstate/emotions, our exercise/movement, our diet/nutrition and lastly our sleep/recuperative processes. 


sup factsWhy Zinc is Important:  Zinc is a mineral that answers the call of the immune system. We are putting about 36 bottles on sale for $4.50 per 60 lozenges. Enjoy the discount. 

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Use of Zinc lozenges is recommended in the case of a scratchy throat or the beginnings of the common cold. Support your body with the things it needs.

Gut Health Tip of the Week:

gut health

Benefits of Warm Water – In Ayurvedic medicine, it’s often recommended to drink warm water. The belief is that warm water hydrates, eliminates toxins, and cleanses your digestive system better than cold water, since it more closely matches the internal temperature of your body. When to drink warm water? I know we like to drink coffee in the morning, but the first thing to drink would be a warm glass of water. Not necessary to gulp it but to drink it slowly over the course of a few minutes while the coffee is being prepared is a good idea.  


save soilMission:

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization says there are about 60 to 80 harvests left in our worldwide soil which is about 50 years. Desertification means arable land is turning into desert.  Once food becomes scarce, massive migrations will ensue, followed by civil strife and with hunger leading the way.

Very few in the environmental community talked about soil. Yet, by returning organic matter into the soil, using cover crops and the like, would reduce carbon from the atmosphere and sequester it in the soil where it is needed to feed, fungi, bacteria, mycelium and even the lowly earthworms. Visit and become an Earth Buddy. It’s a big prize to be able to look at your grandchildren and know that they will have food to eat. 


PS Happy Belated Mother’s Day! The Sale is still working using Mom2022 as the coupon code for 20% off most purchases! 


You are interested in Better Results

You are interested in Better Results

You are interested in Better Results

You are interested in Better Results

You are interested in Better Results

You are interested in Better Results

You are interested in Better Results

You are interested in Better Results

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