The Sacrifice of the Few Lead to the Freedom of Many. HONOR to whom HONOR is due. 


To Whom HONOR is due. Our Blessed Freedom depends on these great souls. 

In honor of Veteran’s Day – Armistice Day!

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Our Veterans sacrifice, and put themselves into harm’s way to protect our democratic freedoms. We feel deeply that if not for our military, our country would be in jeopardy.

cn-ho-heroes1-150730Help me Build Our Own Wall of Fame!

Veterans, please send us a picture in uniform whether you are currently serving or if you are veteran of the armed forces in times past. If you could add your dates of service that’d be GREAT. We will build a wall of fame on our website!



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As in we HONOR our Veterans.

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HOW TO SEND US YOUR PICTURE: Send your military picture to, help us build our wall of fame. 

Click on the link above and it should bring up your email program. Just attach the picture to the email and we’ll build the wall… of fame for our veterans.

For the 25% to be taken off your invoice, please add $100 worth of supplements to your cart. 


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