How High Calcium Levels Gave Me Medically Induced Fear

Recently, I had a CT scan because despite having done all the work I could; in the lifestyle department, getting my weight right, getting my nutrition right, those things didn’t matter.



My blood lipid profile was still high.

I asked my regular doctor, “What else can I do?

She said, “You should see a Lipidologist.”

A Lipidologist is a doctor who studies lipids. So I called Johns Hopkins and they actually had a Lipid Clinic. I made an appointment and had a meeting with the doctor. He ordered a CT scan and some labs and an ultrasound for the carotid. I knew from the technician doing that, that my carotid arteries were clear. So there were no impediments or blockages for my brain and no risk of stroke. However. when they did the coronary scan, it showed a really high calcium levels. Two of my main arteries that are on the surface of the heart showed a really high calcium levels. DANGER! DANGER!  Of course, it freaked me out, like it would freak anybody out. But there is a thing that I have now coined called medically-induced stress, medically-induced fear. And I was basically read the riot act that you’ve got to start taking statins. You’ve got to start doing this. You’ve got to start doing that. And if you feel any pain in your heart, you’ve got to go to the emergency room right away. So by the numbers, the assumption was, if there’s calcium, there must be blockages. I read the report and the report, every second and third word was something I had to look upon the internet because you can’t pronounce these words. You surely don’t know what they mean. And after piecing it all together, I still had no idea what the heck it was talking about. And the first question I asked the cardiologist post that test was, “How do you know if there are blockages?” And he said,Well, we assume that there are because you have a high calcium score and your triglycerides are this and your cholesterol’s that. I said, “How do you really know that there are potential blockages there?”


I found that it took me three or four months of nervousness and diligent study to find out that there is a medical device that can test the elasticity of your arteries. It’s called a smart pulse machine. A fantastic little piece of equipment. You just stick it on your finger, like a pulse oximeter. And in three minutes, it will tell you the state of not only your coronary arteries and your arterial system but also the peripheral elasticity, the arteries going through your whole body. It measures the heart rate variance and several other things. I’m actually in really good health. I’ve been taking omega-3s for 15 years. I better be in good health. And in fact, I am. If you found the content useful, please like the video, subscribe and click the little bell for notifications. Please use the comment section below to ask any questions or leave any comments. We’re happy to help.

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