Here’s What You Get on My Birthday!


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Here’s What You Get on My Birthday!

For several years now, I have given away product or coupons on my birthday. Today, I want to keep the tradition going, only this time, I am giving away my new E-book on Amazon. You have two days to download the book for free. Otherwise, it’s selling for $1.99. That makes it seem like it’s a cheap gift! But hey, it’s my birthday! What I am hoping is that there is something more valuable for you in this little book, “The Lifestyle Cure, A Beginner’s Guide.” What is more valuable than money? Your Health!  Here’s the Link: Order now for $0

Get Your Free “The Lifestyle Cure” Kindle Version – Dec 16th & 17th Only!

lifestyle cure

There is a companion workbook to record journal style entries as you make changes in lifestyle along the way.

Thank you for helping me to live my purpose: “I am here to live a life of love, health and happiness. To be the generator of my own joy. To help my peers to respect who they are, to squeeze health and joy from each moment of each day.”

Kindle or Paperback Version

Paperback Workbook

Here’s my one “little” request. Read the book. If you like anything in it leave some feedback. If you find silly mistakes, let me know so I can fix them! You’ve just been invited to be one of my proofreaders.


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