Lessons in Healthy Living: “Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine”

I’m a father of 10 kids, five boys, five girls. One of my daughters became anorexic in her early teens, 10-12 years old.

She started feeling out of control in her life circumstances and became anorexic.  Anorexia is all about is control, so my daughter wound up losing a lot of weight and became sick to the point that she needed to be admitted to the hospital.

It became a vicious cycle; nine admissions in two years. I was a single parent at the time and my day consisted of driving from Annapolis to Largo, then Maryland for my job, driving to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, and then back home. It was a 150 miles round trip, every single day. I had a commitment to my daughter that I would visit her seven days a week so she would not be alone and she knew that I would always be there for her. I may have been one of the only parents that had that kind of commitment so I became known as Dad to a lot of the kids there, not just my daughter.


It really struck me that illness and disease is not just a physical thing. There’s a concoction, a creation in the mind that because of this, this and this I’m going to do this, and it becomes ingrained. If you were to ask someone who’s really in the throes of anorexia if they can control it, they’ll tell you absolutely not.

I went through that with her, and at the end of the two years, we managed to extricate from the hospital system and got into some better ways of living and lifestyle to help her to get to the next level. Thankfully, she is now a mother of three beautiful children, married with a beautiful home, and everything’s turned out really well for her.


I also had an illness as a child. A lot of kids get sick. That’s a fact. Part of healthy living, is learning how to resist the viruses and the bacteria and overcome. That’s part of the life journey for any person. As a health coach, the whole purpose of seeing other people suffer, is understanding that there are better ways to achieve healthy living than what can be prescribed in a seven minute visit to a doctor. Doctors are great for setting bones, for doing interventions. When somebody is really desperately ill, they can save lives. That’s their job. In all honesty, they’re really doctors of pharmaceutical drugs. That’s the main go-to methodology for trying to help people. I am always left wondering:

Do they see the patient as an individual patient?

Is it a collection of symptoms and put them in the category? 

Do they start doctoring by the numbers?

As a health coach, I have the freedom not to talk about medicines. I’ll never do that, but I can talk about wellness and I can talk about health. I can also talk about mental health and I can talk about nature.


Let thy food be thy medicine,” as Hippocrates said 2,500 years ago.

I want you to have a purpose in your life. Live on purpose. I want healthy living for you and you to be as healthy as you can be

I want you to be happy.

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