My India Healthy Eating Habits and Finding Food that You Love

As a health coach, I talk a lot about food and nutrition. I’m not a great cook or anything, but I know how to make two or three things.

Not too long ago, I lost 25 pounds. One of the key things that helped me lose that weight was finding food to eat that I really love, but was still good for me. Something you might not know is, I spent 10 years in India. Admittedly, I have a big love affair with Indian food. I worked in various regions of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and North and South India.


My job, really my hobby, was to find the best Biryani restaurant in every city I visited. I discovered that there was a really easy way to figure that out. The public transportation in India, consists of alot motorized rickshaws. They have a seat for two or three people in the back, and there’s a driver with handlebars upfront. These rickshaw drivers really know where the real biryani is being made.

Biryani is a Muslim dish that originated from the Aga Khan empire. It’s  become the wedding food of Muslim people in India. You can cook biryani for 500 people in these humongous pots. It’s just delicious.

For me, Spices have real emotions. They bring back memories of India. I was attending those weddings, meeting the people, riding the country buses from city to city, and riding on the trains.

Drinks like:

A spicy chai latte

A milk chai

A milk tea with the masala chai

The mixture of spices they put in the tea



If you are trying to lose weight. It’s really easy if you find foods that you love. You do need to pay attention to the intake and how much food you’re eating.

DID YOU KNOW: Americans by and large, eat anywhere from 3000-5,000 calories.

It’s not hard to do that if you go out to eat. If you have a fast-food lunch and then you go out to dinner at night, it’s almost impossible to keep track of how many calories you’re really consuming. It’s amazing what can be done eating the food that you love, being satiated, and practicing healthy eating habits. So eating the right things, it’s really important. What I want you to do is to really live your purpose. I would like you to age gracefully and be as healthy and as happy as you can.

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