The time is … NOW, the place is right here. The destination is … optimal health. The means is getting over the challenges that we mutually face. Something like a bridge over troubles waters… Today we will tackle two issues that we all face. Inflammatory based disease states and high risk factors for heart disease. All chronic diseases we modern humans face begin with high inflammation. The underpinning of all chronic modern disease is inflammation beyond what can be tolerated by organs, tissue, and arteries. I am not alone is saying it’s because of the foods or food-like substances we eat. Processed foods are great for preserving food and it tastes “good.” But is it really good for you? Changing the way you eat and what you eat is the stuff of nutrition and lifestyle coaching. But there are shortcuts. Who doesn’t take a shortcut when one is obvious? Today, our phones are GPS tools to navigate around blockages on the highways. Optimal Health Bridge is a tool to navigate your way around high risk factors. 

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Say what you will, food is medicine and medicine has to be ingested like food. What happens when you take a prescription drug? Well, listen to what the advertisements say as a caution before recommending “talk to your doctor about…” It’s down right scary. Most of the ones I have seen recently talk about side effects including “fatalities have been reported.” Of course your doctor will assess your risk. Look, if you need it, then take it. I am not against medicines that can save lives. Here’s what I ask myself: Have I done all the the lifestyle and nutritional corrections? Have I been exercising and eating slowly avoiding stress? Hard to do I know, but here is what is easy: Getting a high amount of well-studied supplements to ensure you are topped up on the good things your body relies on to keep your “machine” well-tuned. Like the supplements mentioned above! 

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