CNN is barking this morning that 2700 are in the hospital with the Flu.


Many people get the flu shot however, as we know from Mrs. Clinton’s
ordeal, the flu shot is mediocre at best in trying to protect from the flu.


I am doing what I can to help people avoid the flu. I have been fortunate
in that I just don’t seem to get the flu and I attribute this to EPICOR.

Buy 12 Bottles for only $15 each. *One time purchase.  (Total $180 less
your standard discount coupone.

I have been taking one capsule daily for 6 years.

Our most loyal clients have been on Epicor Auto ship for several years.

Bruce is on his 54th month. Linda 66th month. Others buy a year’s supply
at a time for a reduced price. But it’s insanely inexpensive.

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I am giving you the first month’s supply for free. You only pay $4.95 for shipping.
With this offer:

You will continue to receive a bottle every month for only $19.95 with shipping included.

Of course you can cancel at any time. But you are not going to want to cancel.
That’s one thing I am pretty sure about. Our refill rate on Epicor is 97%!

It’s one tiny capsule a day. In 3 days your NK killer cells, so vital for your immunity
are raised by as much as 60%. In two weeks you will have maximum protection.

People who work with the public are encouraged to strengthen their immune system.
It only makes sense.

There are no allergen warnings for this product. No side effects except that you
will notice a lack of allergic reaction to allergens. That’s because it’s an
immuno regulator. It’s such a smart synergistic product that it knows when the
immune system needs to engage and relax.

I have never been a cat person. But today, I can have cats on my lap because
of Epicor. Bug is my favorite cat and I am his favorite male buddy.

Do the math: first bottle free. No math there. Every following month, it’s about
60 cents a day for year round protection. I am religious in taking my
twice daily dose of Omega-3 and getting my Epicor capsule daily.

No shots required. Of course if you want to do the flu shot and add Epicor then
that’s your perogative.

Of course in the winter time I also boost my Vitamin D levels since we just don’t
get enough sun. Click here to add Vitamin D3 to your order for $5.95. The Winter
is 5000 IU per day. One single capsule.

You can order both products Epicor and Vitamin D3 for only $24.95 a month,
shipping included. Click here.

Stay healthy my friends,

Garey Simmons, CHC



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