Edgemere needs a haircut. OK, not really.

In fact, it’s the grass that needs cut. The Children’s Park and the Soccer Field. But no one is going to cut it for free.

Dear Edgemere Neighbors,

I am really happy to be living in Edgemere. I live near the Greenhill Cove and Lynch Point Children’s Park. As you may know the park and the soccer field are public use venues for kids and parents to play and relax. A lot of neighbors use the parks to walk and train their dogs. Kids jump around on the beach at the park and can get a little cooled off splashing at the water’s edge. Several people launch their kayaks and canoes from the beach here. I walk pass both the park and the soccer field almost daily with my two dogs. You may have seen me walking on River Drive Road walking Daisy and Mushu as I try to get them out for a one mile daily walk around the neighborhood.

Here’s an opportunity to help out the community.

Do you know how the park and soccer field are maintained? It’s thanks to the Community Association. The community association pays for it but there is little chance for revenue unless you remember to cut a check. Checks can be made out to Lynch Point Community Association and mailed to: 7200 River Drive Road, Edgemere, MD 21219. Even Ten or twenty can make a difference.

Here is another option: If you go to www.OHB3.com, you will find my fully stocked vitamin and supplement store. I started this discount Internet website in 2006 and have a A+ rating with the BBB of Maryland. We sell high potency Omega-3 fish oil and other heart health supplements and vitamins. I am a baby boomer and if you are a baby boomer, you may have heard that it helps a lot to take a daily dose of high potency Omega-3 oils for your heart and brain health. And a plant based multivitamin is a good idea too!

If you use the coupon code EDGEMERE at check out, you will get a 15% discount off your purchase.  Additionally, I will give 10% of revenues from any EDGEMERE sales using this coupon code and donate it to the Lynch Point Community Association to help offset the expenses of maintaining both the park and the field.

Use Coupon Code


And get 15% knocked off your purchase, plus 10% will go to the Lynch Point Community Association to help keep the grass cut and grounds tidy!

You get:

1) Better health: premium supplements to sustain health;

2) Special discounts off the already discounted prices and

3) The community gets a little extra needed revenue to keeps things clean and tidy!

Everybody wins.  

My story of heart health is printed below.  

–For Immediate Release

Baltimore Man Reverses Heart Condition with Omega-3 Fish Oil. 

Baltimore, MD – Edgemere resident, Garey Simmons, 58, claims he reversed his heart condition by simply taking a powerful Omega-3 fish oil. “I was diagnosed with very high triglycerides. I was overweight. I was given a prescription by my doctor, but I said no, that’s not going to happen.”

Garey had lived a pretty stark life as a missionary in overseas countries for three decades. In many of those countries it was not safe to drink the water. “I had no choice, I had to drink Cola, or Fanta, or local chai (tea) full of sugar and I became pre-diabetic and suffered from very high triglycerides and high cholesterol.”

“I had an aversion to pharmaceutical drugs due to a bad reaction I had to an antibiotic while in India. I just felt the drugs were toxic. I didn’t really study about it too much but just inherently felt that there must be a more natural way.”

Garey returned to the States in 2001 and moved to Baltimore in 2004. After hearing WCBM host Tom Marr on the radio advertising Omega-3 Marine Oils, Garey started on a course in 2005, and did really well lowering his important heart health numbers. So delighted with his results, he launched a sales company promoting Omega-3 Fish Oil!

 “Fortunately, the miracle of Omega-3 is not in the brand name but it’s in the oil. We were able to source a 70% EPA/DHA from Norway and contracted to have it in 1000 mg capsules instead of 1250 mg capsules.” 

Garey went to several natural products industry trade shows to find a source of Norwegian fish oil. “Some people, from time to time, would comment that the 1250 mg pills were a little hard to swallow. It’s the difference between a 24 oblong and 20 oblong.” That’s industry tech speak, where Optimal Health Bridge was able to increase the percentage of the EPA/DHA to 70% and reduce the capsule size to 1000mg instead of 1250 mg, making it easier to swallow. 

“We also decided to pack 240 capsules per bottle instead of 180 so customers would understand that we are in earnest to win their loyalty with a high quality product at a very economical price. This is especially important in this time of economic recession when people just don’t have the same amount of spending power as before.” 

The result is now known as True Omega-3TM.  At Optimal Health Bridge, we are catering to seniors, veterans and their families. Of course we are always going to find ways to reward loyalty. We have giveaways all the time and we aim to be the best at what we do. We are heart centered in more ways than one.”

Garey has gone on to further his education, becoming a certified fitness trainer and is presently studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition whose coursework is accredited through Purchase College, NY (SUNY)

“We can fix a lot of health problems with tweaks and adjustments to the diet and teaching folks easy ways to get in needed exercise. And of course, the nutritional supplements are the Bridge to get us to Optimal Health.” Garey’s company Optimal Health Bridge ships packages across North America out of North Point Business Park in Dundalk, MD. His toll free company number is 877-572-3444. Local customer service number is 443-450-4413. The website is located at www.OptimalHealthBridge.com.

Please write a check for the Lynch Point Community Association and/or visit www.OHB3.com/Edgemere to read more. Use the coupon code, save money, stay healthy and help the Association.

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